Holi: Skincare Tips To Follow Pre and Post Holi

Holi: Skincare Tips To Follow Pre and Post Holi

Vibrant colours

Delicious sweets

Yummy thandai

Fun holi parties

What’s not to love about this festival of colours?

Wait, there’s one thing that we love to hate about holi: it's the skin damage it brings along!

Clogged pores, acne, dryness, allergies, rashes, redness, and irritations are some of the aftermaths of holi bash. Regardless, with these easy-to-follow skincare tips, you can minimize the damage and restore the health of your skin post celebrations.

Ready to pick some amazing pre and post holi skincare tips? Read along to find them! 

4 Pre-Holi Skincare Tips to Minimize Damage

Follow these skincare tips to minimize the effect of holi colours on your skin and hair:

  • Hydrate your skin in advance

  • Prevention is better than cure!

    Don’t wait for the damage to happen to take care of your skin. Minimize the impact of harsh and abrasive holi colours by prepping your skin  for them with a gentle skincare routine. 

    Cleanse and moisturize your skin on a daily basis to make sure your skin is hydrated. Also, the bigger your pores are, the more likely it is that colours will penetrate your skin.

    So include hydrating masks in your skincare to nourish your skin from inside out, and unclog and minimize the appearance of pores. Besides nourishing your skin from the outside, make sure you are drinking plenty of water - it’s called a magical tonic for a reason, you see. 


  • Coat your skin with facial oil and lotion

  • Don't miss this step! Apply a coat of your favourite facial oil before you go out to play with colours. Similarly, do not forget to slather on a summer serum lotion on the exposed areas of your body for nourishing protection against holi colours.

    Coating your skin and hair with facial oil and body lotion will prevent colours from penetrating deeper into your skin. Apply a moisturizing lip balm to prevent staining of your lips. 

  • Rub ice on your face
  • Large pores are more prone to getting clogged with colours, which could lead to whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Prevent this by rubbing ice on your face. It will immediately help minimize the appearance of pores and keep them sealed. 

    However, do not apply ice directly on your face as it could break the blood capillaries of your skin. Do this regime 10 minutes before playing holi and follow the other crucial skincare steps before heading out.

  • Go organic!

  • Make it a point to use only natural and organic Holi colours. Herbal and organic colours are derived from natural sources such as flowers. 

    There is minimal risk of skin damage when using these colours since they are gentle on the skin. In fact, you can try your hand at DIY to make your own herbal colours that are safe for your skin and hair. 

    5 Post-Holi Skin Care Tips You Need To Follow

    There are a few things you can do to prepare your skin for Holi, but they won't be enough. To effectively remove the Holi colours thoroughly keep these tricks and tips handy: 

  • Don't wash it, dust it first! 
  • In the rush to take off holi colours from the skin, we tend to wash them off on the very first go. 

    Avoid doing that.

    Use your hand to dust off as much dry colour from your body as possible. It will help get rid of all the excess colour from your skin. Washing colours with water directly could make them stick to your skin, making it difficult to get rid of them.

  • Don't be harsh on your skin
  • Do you rub your skin too hard or use a harsh cleanser to get rid of the colour post holi? 

    That's a bad idea. 

    Always use a mild cleanser that gently exfoliates your skin to remove the colour. Make sure to steer clear of using actives for at least the next 48 hours post holi bash. 

    Instead start with detoxifying masks, such as the charcoal mask to further purify and unclog your skin's pores. Detoxing your skin is essential to maintaining a healthy complexion.


  • Calm your skin

  • Natural skin healers like Aloe Vera Gel and Rose Water can calm your skin to a great extent. A day before Holi, freeze some aloe vera gel and make ice cubes of rose water. Holi colours tend to irritate skin and might cause redness. So, massage the ice cubes on your skin to relax and repair your skin, and you'll see results in no time. 

  • Moisturize your skin

  • Your skin might be drained of moisture because of the harsh chemicals in Holi colours, making it dull and dry. Make sure you  moisturize your skin properly to replenish the lost moisture. Use a hydrating sleep mask to revive your skin and restore its moisture level overnight. 

  • Protect acne-prone skin with care

  • Is acne preventing you from participating in Holi celebrations? Don't let it dampen your festive spirit. Acne-prone skin type is quite vulnerable to pollution from the environment and the colours of Holi are no exception. 

    This holi, you do not need to worry about post holi acne. 

    Use our clay masks to combat acne and breakouts that are likely to occur after a holi bash. Using a clay mask with detoxifying properties will help clarify your skin, unclog pores, and remove excess oil and remnants of holi colours.

    On that note, keep these easy-to-follow pre and post holi skincare tips in mind to prep for the celebrations and undo its effects on your skin like a pro! 

    Amp up your skincare game pre and post holi to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing even after festivities. But remember to be gentle on your skin throughout.

    Cheers to a happy and skin-friendly holi!

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