Swimming Rituals To Swear By

Swimming Rituals To Swear By

The summer season is here and most of us cannot wait to tie up our bikini straps and dive deep into the blue water. It is the time to chill in the backyard pool while sipping mocktails and playing catch.

But before getting carried away by excitement, carefully plan and follow a proper swimming ritual. Chlorine is used in swimming pools as a cleansing agent to kill bacteria which are hazardous in nature. But this chemical still has adverse effects on our skin and hair. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt safe swimming habits before getting into the water.

  • Shower

It may seem pointless to take a shower before getting into the pool, but it helps to wash out all the dirt and sweat from your body, thus preventing the pool from getting unhygienic. It also hydrates your skin cells and prevents them from absorbing the pool water.

  • Moisturize


Never forget the basic rules of swim care i.e. to moisturize. Using a water-proof sunscreen or a pre-swim lotion helps the skin to ward off the harmful effects of chlorine. Chlorine in pools makes the skin dry and flaky, it also leads to brittle, odor producing  hair. Therefore, to protect both skin and hair from pool chemicals use a pre-swim skin and hair protection spray that prevents hair from getting rough and brittle as well as protects skin from tanning and dryness.

  • Hydrate

We are all tired of counting the many benefits of water, it is indeed magic. Apart from preventing your skin from getting dehydrated, it does not allow it to absorb pool water. The skin acts as a sponge when reacting with water, it can only take water only up to a certain point, thus if you are already hydrated enough, you don’t have to worry about chlorine water seeping into your skin.

  • After shower

When showering after swim, it is advisable to first wash your body with warm water as it will open up pores for deep cleansing. However when you are finishing off, switch to normal water to tighten pores and prevent moisture loss. Also you have to be very careful about the product you use on your skin and hair. Use an anti-chlorine soap and dechlorinating hair spray for nullifying the harmful effects of chlorine.

  • Post-Swim Moisturization

Whether you are regularly swimming or not, applying an effective hydrating lotion keeps your skin healthy.

  • Others

Keep your swimwear clean and wash it with vinegar to prevent it from fading and smelling like chlorine. After a cool dip, don’t just let the sun dry off your body as it causes more dryness, instead use a clean towel and then soak up the sun. Do not forget to apply sunscreen with adequate SPF. Carry certain swimming accessories and gears, like a swimming cap, goggles, and ear plugs. Drink herbal tree that neutralizes free radicals with its antioxidant content.

These are the most basic and proven methods to prevent chlorine water contact and protect sensitive areas. Adapting to these techniques has bound benefits for you to experience. Extra care must be undertaken to retain the natural nourishment of one’s skin and hair. Diving in with all these essentials is a ritual one can swear by.

Jigyasha Jain

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