Pre Swim Skin & Hair Chlorine Protection Spray (50ml)

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No more dryness, chlorine odour or pool rash. With this long-lasting, summer-loving SPF swim spray, you can dive in and stay in, for as long as you like.


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1. Dampen hair thoroughly before swimming. 

2. Spray generously all over skin and hair. 

3. It’s okay to shower after applying spray, before entering the pool. Just rinse lightly without soap. Reapply after two hours if required. 

4. For better swim care, use with Dot & Key Post Swim Hair Dechlorinating Spray

Everyone loves a good swim, but no one likes the itchy skin and dry hair caused by all that chlorine in pool water. Dot & Key Pre Swim Skin & Hair Chlorine Protection Spray with SPF 30 blocks chlorine before contact to prevent any damage. By forming a protective layer on skin and hair, this swim spray keeps pool chemicals and harsh UV rays from stripping away the natural moisture balance. In doing so, it shields you from dryness, itching, chlorine odour as well as pool rash. 

A water resistant sunscreen spray upto 120 minutes, it guards against the damaging effects of not just chlorine, but also salt water and the harsh summer sun. It has no nasty chemicals and protects gently without any side-effects. Its special formulation also protects colour-treated hair, while a zesty bergamot and lime fragrance refreshes before you dive in. Make this a part of your daily swim routine to enjoy the pool all summer. 


- Product Volume : 50ml

- Long lasting defense against pool chemicals

- SPF 30 swim spray to prevent sun & chlorine tan

- Shields from dryness, itching and chlorine odour

- Protects colour treated hair, and skin 

- With refreshing citrusy bergamot-lime fragrance