Post Swim Hair Dechlorinating Spray

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Why stay away from the pool this summer? This vitamin C and antioxidant-rich swim spray gently removes chlorine bound to hair strands, keeping tresses soft and frizz-free. 


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1. Spray generously all over the scalp and hair after swimming. 

2. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. 

3. Gently rinse with water. Shampooing not needed.

4. For better swim care, use with Dot & Key Pre  Swim Skin & Hair Chlorine Protection Spray

Chlorine may keep pool water free from harmful bacteria, but it does your hair a lot of harm in the process. This bleaching agent not only lightens hair colour, but also damages and dulls the tresses. It can’t be washed away like dirt because it physically binds itself to the hair and strips away its natural oils. Regular swimming and exposure to chlorine can leave hair extremely dry and brittle due to cracked cuticles. 

Dot & Key Post-Swim Hair Dechlorinating Spray contains vitamin C and antioxidant-rich complexes that bind to the chlorine in hair strands and pull it out gently, neutralizing it to prevent damage. This swim spray shields coloured hair from pool chemicals and gets rid of that unpleasant chlorine odour, leaving a refreshing fragrance of bergamot and lime. It doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals like parabens or sulphates, and protects hair gently, without causing dryness or damage. Use it in combination with our pre swim spray, and you won’t have to worry about chlorine again. You also won’t have to reach for the shampoo bottle every time you take a swim. Get soft, healthy, frizz-free hair while enjoying the pool all summer.


- Product Volume : 50ml

- Chlorine protection hair spray in swimming pools

- Prevents hair damage & dryness from pool chemicals

- With antioxidants to remove chlorine from hair

- Leaves hair soft, frizz-free and chlorine-free

- With refreshing citrusy bergamot-lime fragrance