Make Way for L-Ascorbic Acid: The New Vitamin C Game Changer

Make Way for L-Ascorbic Acid: The New Vitamin C Game Changer

It goes without saying that Vitamin C stands legendary in the skincare world. For some, in fact, their skincare regime is incomplete without Vitamin C and rightfully so! It is an excellent antioxidant that gets you even-toned & glowing skin. 

While vitamin C is one of the most popular skincare ingredients, have you tried L-Ascorbic Acid (a form of Vitamin C), for your skin? If not, here's why you should add it right away because you are missing out on a lot of things.

Decoding L-Ascorbic Acid- the glow bomb for your skin

As much as the term L-Ascorbic acid might sound intimidating & somewhat confusing, the reality holds a different story for you. It is, in fact, the purest form of Vitamin C that exists out there,  making it the most biologically active & beneficial for the skin.

L-Ascorbic acid is a potent yet gentle form of vitamin C, naturally found in oranges, broccoli, leafy greens, grapefruit, and peppers. What's more? Owing to its unmatched potency, it is the most preferred form of Vitamin C found in dermatological and topical skincare products. 

But what makes this the Holy Grail Vitamin C for your skin? Dropping the deets here!  

✔️Skincare products with L-Ascorbic Acid penetrate deeper into the skin tissues and treat skin concerns like dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dullness & signs of ageing from within. 

✔️It is more active in collagen production, which in turn, boosts skin firmness.

✔️As a skin rejuvenating ingredient, Vitamin C also protects from sun damage & repairs photo-damage caused by harmful UVB rays.

✔️With a concentration of 5-20% skincare products backed by lower pH levels, it causes zero skin irritation, even for sensitive skin types. 

✔️An all skin BFF, L-Ascorbic Acid skincare products are great for oily, dry and combination skin.

Wondering What’s the Right % of L-Ascorbic Acid in Skincare? Here it is! 

As mentioned earlier, the potency or effectiveness of L-ascorbic acid makes it the most preferred form of vitamin C in skincare products. However, experts & studies have suggested that the optimal concentration of L-ascorbic acid in skincare products should be within 10-20%. Anything greater than that does not increase the potency of the active and, conversely, may also cause skin irritation. 

How Stable is L-Ascorbic Acid?

It must be noted that L-Ascorbic acid is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins. However, in its most natural form, L-ascorbic acid is a highly unstable ingredient that can have difficulty penetrating the skin. Therefore, to stabilise it & improve penetration power into the skin, the formulation of L-Ascorbic Acid must be at a pH that is below 4.2. Also, a skincare product with L-Ascorbic Acid must be formulated with Ferulic Acid or Vitamin E to increase its stability & make it effective against chronic photodamage of the skin. 

It must be remembered that when L-Ascorbic Acid is exposed to heat, light and air, it oxides faster and loses its potency over time. Therefore, skin care products with this form of Vitamin C should be kept away from direct light, air and heat to maintain its effectiveness for a longer period. 

Meet the Next-Gen Gold Standard Vitamin C-erum

Will you believe if we say that we are giving you Vitamin C Serum with 20% L-Ascorbic Acid that's Fresh, Potent & Stable till the last drop? 

All hail the new 20% Vitamin C (Freshly Made) Face Serum from Dot & Key, India's 1st Next-Gen serum for your skincare needs. Formulated with L-ascorbic acid with a purity level of 99.99%, we are all ready to set a new benchmark in the market.

Wanna know how? It's All Here! 

Concentration: 20% means 20%! That's right. Our serum is clinically proven to treat your skin right with 20% vitamin C, unlike other serums available in the market that feature 10%-15% of vitamin C concentration. 

Freshly Made By You, For You: The secret behind the freshest serum in the market comes in two bottles. Confused? Our new Vitamin C serum consists of two bottles- one with the L-Ascorbic acid powder and the other with the liquid serum base. All you have to do is pour the liquid base into the bottle with powder, close the lid, shake it well and your new Vitamin C serum is ready to be used with 100% freshness guaranteed. 

Unmatched Stability: Contrary to the popular belief that L-Ascorbic acid is highly unstable, we are providing you with the most stable form supported by Ferulic Acid. It remains stable for up to 36 months, when unexposed to air, light and heat. 

Targeted Concerns: Apart from L-Ascorbic acid, our vitamin C serum is infused with Ferulic Acid, Blood Orange & Hyaluronic Acid, all of which work together to repair photodamage, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and early age signs. End results? Glowing, even-toned and firm skin! 

All Skin BFF: Guess what? Our 20% Vitamin C serum is derma tested with a 2.5 pH level, that's proven safe for all skin types. 

Wrapping Up with a Few Pro Tips

#1: Before every use, make sure to shake the bottle well. 

#2: Post blending, make sure to store the serum in the refrigerator at 4°C for MAX freshness. 

#3: Make sure to follow up with sunscreen after using the serum.

What's next? It's time to introduce L-Ascorbic Acid to your skincare routine. 

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