JUST DROPPED: The Next Gen Vitamin C Serum Your Skin Deserves!

JUST DROPPED: The Next Gen Vitamin C Serum Your Skin Deserves!

Over the last couple of years, vitamin C has become the holy grail for skincare lovers.

And who can blame this potent ingredient?

Vitamin C works like magic to banish dullness, fade dark spots, and add a natural glow to the skin like no other. However, with most vitamin c serums featuring Ethyl Ascorbic acid (86% active vitamin C content), it seemed the potential of this ingredient wasn’t being utilized to its fullest.

So we decided to take our revolutionizing Vitamin C Serum a notch up and came up with something even more potent, which is also India’s FIRST!

Introducing, *drumrolls*

20% Vitamin C Freshly Made Face Serum featuring L-ascorbic acid, the purest form of vitamin C on the block!

Want more intel on this Next Gen Vitamin C? Read along to find more.

What Makes Us India’s First?

We are a pioneer in crafting premium skincare in India and we intend to hold that position with our newest launch.

Wondering how?

Take a look at these top features that set us apart from the rest to decide:

  • Concentration:  Most serums today come with a Vitamin C concentration of 10% - 15%. However, our advanced serum is clinically proven to feature 20% vitamin C (21.79% to be precise).
  •  Purity Level: As per the potency study of this Next-Gen serum, its vitamin C concentration is of 99.99% purity level. Needless to say, the standard we set is unparalleled.
  • Freshly Made By You: The concept of freshly made by you before first use ensures that you get the most stable and potent form of vitamin C, which remains fresh till the last drop.
  • Introducing L-ascorbic in skincare: Most vitamin C serums in India feature Ethyl Ascorbic acid. However, our serum is enhanced with the goodness of L- Ascorbic acid with 99.99% vitamin C concentration. Being the higher concentrated and most active form of vitamin C, it is undeniably more effective on the skin. So, it’s about time we make the most of its potency to treat skin concerns.   

Revolutionizing The Use Of L-Ascorbic In Skincare


Our Next-Gen Vitamin C serum features L-ascorbic, the most potent and purest form of vitamin C, making it more effective against skin concerns when compared to its lesser concentrated forms.

Our serum is further enhanced with blood orange and ferulic acid. Together, these potent ingredients work as a team to offer you glowing, even-toned, and firm skin.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each of these potent ingredients can do for your skin: 

  •  L-Ascorbic Acid: The most potent Vitamin C, it works like a pro to control melanin production. Accordingly, it also works to lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots. L-ascorbic also works its magic against oxidative damage to slow down signs of aging.
  • Blood Orange: Touted as a natural collagen booster, the goodness of this ingredient penetrates deeper into the skin to increase blood circulation. It’s quick to rejuvenate the skin and brighten it for an even-toned glow.  
  • Ferulic Acid: Essentially a plant-based antioxidant, ferulic acid boosts the bioavailability or the effectiveness of the serum by 20x for a stronger anti-oxidation action.

Decoding ‘Freshly Made For You By You’

Our 20% Vitamin C Freshly Made Face Serum comes in two separate bottles, where one features the Pure L-Ascorbic Acid Powder and the other is Liquid Serum Base enhanced with Ferulic Acid, Blood Orange & Hyaluronic Acid.

So how do you prepare the freshest, most potent Vitamin C Serum in India?

It’s simple. You just have to - Pour It, Shake It, Fleek It!

Need some more help? Here’s what you gotta do!

Step 1: Empty the liquid serum base into the bottle containing the L-ascorbic acid powder.

Step 2: Close the lid tightly.

Step 3: Gently shake the bottle for one minute until the powder completely dissolves.

Step 4:  Your Vitamin C serum is ready for use. 

Step 5: Apply on clean skin for ‘Glow on Fleek’.

Apply only 5-6 drops of this serum for every use. Don’t forget to shake it well before every use and follow it up with sunscreen with a broad spectrum, if you plan to use it in your AM regime. Once mixed and unexposed to light, air, or water, the serum will remain stable and fresh till the last drop for up to 36 months.

PRO TIP: Post blending, refrigerate the serum at 4 degrees Celsius for MAX freshness.

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