Bedtime Skin Care Routine You Must Follow

Bedtime Skin Care Routine You Must Follow

Your PM routine is a crucial part of your skincare routine. In fact, some may argue that the PM skincare routine is more important than the AM routine!

Regardless of what you believe in, we suggest you take your bedtime skincare routine seriously and most importantly follow the correct order so that you wake up with fresh, well-rested, and radiant skin every day.

Wanna know how to make the most of your bedtime skincare routine? Keep reading to know the importance of a nighttime skincare routine and the steps to make the most of it. 

Step-by-step Guide to PM Regime

Follow this easy-to-follow bedtime skincare routine to wake up to a rejuvenated and radiant face every morning: 

Step 1: Take Off Your Makeup

The area under the eye has the most delicate skin on your face, which is why it is the first to exhibit signs of aging. This is why you need to be gentle when removing eye make-up.

Use a dissolving eye makeup remover and cotton pads to avoid scraping and tugging at this delicate region. You can use melt-away makeup remover balm featuring almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, etc. for gentle yet effective cleaning. 

Step 2: Use a Gentle Cleanser 

Next, you should double cleanse with oil and a water-based cleanser for efficient cleaning. An oil-based cleanser is the best bet to remove oil, makeup remnants, dirt, and grime.

On the other hand, a water-based cleaner is great at removing the remnants of stubborn grime from the skin. Needless to say, cleansing is a must to get rid of makeup and dirt that tend to trap germs and block pores. 

Try the Dot & Key Deep Pore Facial Foam Cleanser for gentle and chemical-free cleansing, if you have oily to combination skin. But, in case you have dry skin you may find yourself a gentle yet effective cleanser in  Watermelon + vitamin C Super Glow face wash which is recommended for all skin types. 


Step 3:  Apply Toner 

Toner is the unsung hero of the skincare routine. It not only balances skin pH but also prepares it for the rest of the skincare steps.

However, you need to be sure that you apply only a quarter-sized product to your face by swiping it onto your face with a cotton pad rather than swabbing it on.

Pick an alcohol-free toner to tone and prep your skin while adding a fresh dose of hydration to it. 

Step 4: Use of Serum 

Your skin needs to be nourished before you go to bed so that it can repair and rejuvenate itself. And the best way to ensure it is by bringing a concentrated serum into the mix. 

Hands down, serums are the most powerful and adjustable phase in your skincare regimen. 

However, the type of serum you require depends on the targeted skin concerns you need to treat. For instance, you can use 20% Vitamin C Serum to treat dark spots, pigmentation, dullness, and fine lines, while Hyaluronic + Ceramide serum works well on dehydrated and dull skin. 


Step 5: Night Cream

A night cream should always be the last step in your bedtime regimen to seal the benefits of all the skincare products you apply on yourself in the preceding phases.

Just like a serum your choice of night cream should be based on your skin type, concern, and needs. 

For instance, if you wish to achieve firmer skin with youthful radiance you may include the 

Retinol + Ceramide Night Cream which is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cell turnover. 

However, if you are looking for a night cream to soothe your skin irritation and tame pesky acne breakout you would find the Cica Night Gel with Niacinamide more effective. 

Step 6: Apply the Oil

Last but not least, applying facial oil to your face is the best way to conclude your PM skincare regime. A facial oil that is suited for your skin will help lock in the goodness of other skincare products and will offer max nourishment, moisturization, and a healthy glow.

However, the key is to look for a quick-absorbing and non-greasy facial oil to avoid clogging of pores. 

Did you really think we forgot about lip care? We were just waiting for the right moment to bring it up after all it is an essential step of your nighttime routine. And if you love soft, plump, and kissable lips you’d agree with us!

So what comprises an ideal lipcare regime?

Start with a gentle lip scrub (3-4 times a week) to slough off the dead skin cells and coat your lips with a nourishing lip mask to add a boost of hydration and reverse the damage caused all day long. 

You can try the super-indulgent Lip plumping sleeping mask with vitamin C to lighten and brighten your puckers and nourish them overnight. 

Psst... Wanna know a secret? 

Your bedtime skincare routine will show results only if you are consistent with it. Following it every once in a while will not show you the desired results.

Additionally, make sure to include skincare products that actually suit your skin type and meet your requirements and not that are currently trending in the market.

Check out Dot & Key Store to find all you need for both your AM & PM skincare needs!

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