5 Sun Tan Myths Unearthed!

5 Sun Tan Myths Unearthed!

Finally, we are ready to enjoy summer that lifts your spirit and bring the trend of vibrant color and stylish outfits. But, you can’t ignore that summer invites sun tan that leaves behind pigmentation. You might be ready with your skin specialist like best sunscreen to prevent a tan.

You may have heard several opinions about tan such as if you're building a tan gradually then it is okay, or kids can cope up with sun exposure with no harms, or you don’t have to protect your skin with the best sun cream, etc. But, are these statements true?


Myth #1 You can't get sunburnt on cold and cloudy days

It is one of the most common tan myths among us that you can’t get sunburnt on cold days. You should be aware of the UV radiation that causes sunburnt. The UV radiation is not connected to the temperature. It means UV radiation will equally affect in cold, cloudy, and windy days as it does in summer days. You might be applying the best sun protective products like transparent sunscreen spray to protect your skin from sun damage. But, do you use your skin specialist in windy or cloudy days? If not then you can get sunburnt.

Make sure you take good care of your skin even if you are exposed for a short time. Your hair needs equal care as your skin to prevent sun damage and using hair sunscreen softening serum can help you to protect your hair from the sun damage.


Myth #2 You need plenty of sun exposure to prevent deficiency of vitamin D

Here is a common myth, but the fact is you don’t need plenty of sun exposure to obtain vitamin D. Incidental exposure to the sun is sufficient to obtain vitamin D for most people. Spending a few minutes to the sun exposure with sun protection is also a great idea to gain adequate vitamin D with no risk of sun damage.

Sensible sun exposure can help to balance vitamin D in your body. If you are willing to support your body for vitamin D absorption, then physical activities like gardening can help you to boost vitamin D level.


Myth #3 You're not at the risk of tan and cancer with olive skin

The myth is quite risky to your health because the truth is olive skin can get cancer as well. Skin issues depend on childhood as well. If you have been brought up with adequate sun protection, then you are less prone to skin cancer. But, if you have grown without good sun protection, then you are more likely to get skin cancer. It is also a fact that people with naturally dark skin are at the lower risk of cancer rather than those that have fair skin.

Don’t forget dark skin or easily tan skin is still at the risk of cancer. The occurrence of skin cancer is detected at a later stage. That is quite dangerous, therefore, you should take better care of your skin in the sun.


Myth #4 You don’t need to apply sunscreen if your beauty products contain SPF

Wrong, you need to wear sunscreen or spray under your make-up if you are going to get exposed in sun, wind, and clouds. It is good to invest in the products that contain sun protection cream and it works also but only for short periods. Make sure, if you are about to spend a period in the sun apply your skin specialist sunscreen and reapply it after every two hours, if you stay out for long.

If you are going for outdoor swimming, then you should apply pre swimming lotion or the product like pre swim skin hair chlorine protection spray that will keep your skin and hair safe from the sun damage.


Myth #5 Your skin will not get sunburnt through the glass

Even if you are inside the window or sitting in the front seat of the car, you can get sunburnt. The sun releases two types of rays- UVA and UVB. UVA rays will affect you equally inside the glass as it does with direct exposure. It means it can pass through the glass and affect your skin. UVB rays can’t pass through the glass to leave the worse effects. But, you need to ensure that before going out you have used the best sun protection cream. The sun rays have the majority of UVA that can harm your skin by causing premature ageing, wrinkles, fine line, pigmentation, and the most dangerous - skin cancer.

The fact can’t be denied that staying inside the glass can reduce the effects. But, it can’t eliminate the sun damage.


Summary :

The sun releases two types of rays UVA and UVB that causes cancer and leads to several skin damages. Applying the best sun protection cream can play the role of your skin specialist that you must use. Don’t ignore wearing sunscreen in the windy, cloudy, and cool days as it can cause sunburnt equally as it does on sunny days. Using pre swimming cream is also an essential part of skin and hair care that you should not avoid. Make sure the products you are purchasing contains recommended or higher SPF to prevent tan and skin cancer.

Jigyasha Jain

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