Beat the Heat With Some Extra TLC For Your Oily Skin

Beat the Heat With Some Extra TLC For Your Oily Skin

All you were looking for this summer was sandy beaches, road trips, rock and water rafting, and all you got was oily skin! Urgh! Well it is not often that we get what we want but clear, oil-free skin? Well, we’ve got your back! 

While the summer season brings along the opportunity to finally make use of your vacation time and chill out, it also runs up against your skin by bringing on an uninvited shine, excess oil & unwelcome acne?

This lustre or oil on your skin, as the professionals call it, is produced by something that is already hidden right under your skin and is fully functional. Don't believe us? Read on to find out what it is!

What causes oily skin?

Well, your skin has sebaceous glands that do their work and produce oily fluid aka sebum to normal levels (to reduce friction and fight bacteria) and that's fine.

However, the pesky heat and humid weather of the summer season add fuel to the fire by pestering your sebaceous gland. How?

It irritates your sebaceous glands, forcing them to go overboard while producing sebum. As this oily substance is produced in more than the normal quantity, your lovely skin gets greasy and shiny as a result.

So how to get rid of that extra greasiness?

Fret not, as this summer we have a foolproof plan to combat your oily skin problems and give you your bright and bubbly skin back!

Read on to know the ways to fight oily summer skin and pamper it with some extra TLC this summer.

Cleanse. But Don’t Over Cleanse!

You might have heard that cleansing your face will help you get rid of that extra oiliness on your face. However, did you know that constantly cleansing your face will strip your skin of the essential nutrients. To fill this deficit, your body will produce excess sebum which will then cause your skin to look greasy & oily.

So what can be done? We suggest that you limit cleansing your face to just twice a day. And to get rid of all that excess oil, splash your face with water instead. This will not only wash away the oil but also leave you feeling fresh & hydrated.

A gel based face wash, such as the Watermelon Superglow Vitamin C Face Wash from Dot & Key could be an ideal choice for you!


Pro tip: Spraying your face with a face mist, periodically, will also keep you feeling fresh.


Toner is oily-skinned people's best buddy. It nourishes, hydrates, reduces clogging of pores, and also prevents breakouts. One of its important benefits is its property of removing oil from the skin, making it a boon for those with greasy skin. 

So next time you sit for your daily skincare routine, don't forget to start with applying a toner first to give it a non-sticky and oil-free touch.

Looking for a toner but don’t know what to buy? You can look at Dot & Key’s alcohol-free Watermelon Pore Tightening Toner which gently exfoliates your skin for a matte, oil-free glow.

Use a Light-weight Moisturizer

No, don't skip your moisturizer! 

Now, it is a popular myth that moisturizers end up making your skin greasier than before. Moisturizers provide your skin with much needed nourishment. And when you skip on it, your skin releases sebum, which then makes it more oily.

For the summer months, make sure you are using a gel-based moisturizer. You could go for a gel-based moisturiser such as the 72 Hr Hydrating Gel with Probiotics from Dot & Key.

Keep Your Make-up Minimal

Try to cut back on the amount of products you apply on your face, especially during the summer months. You must remember to let your skin pores breath. Excess makeup clogs your pores, leading to acne & breakouts, especially if you have oily skin!

Ask your oily skin to ‘take a chill pill’

Had a hectic day? Let your skin relax by gently rubbing ice cubes on your face. This acts as a great stress buster!

Moreover, rubbing ice on your face regularly will help reduce oil production and keep breakouts at bay. This also improves blood circulation and provides instant freshness to your face. 

Pro-tip: If you have oily skin, use the trick before you apply makeup.

So what are you waiting for? Try out these different ways to fight oily summer skin and give your skin a well-deserved TLC. 

In the end, we would like to remind you that you are beautiful the way you are. So be gentle on your skin and don't fall into the traps of lavish products with strong ingredients capable enough to do more harm than good.

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