Things To Carry In Your Handbags This Summer!

Things To Carry In Your Handbags This Summer!

Who can predict when we have to meet the girls for an impromptu weekday dinner after a super long day at work? Or when we have to leave the comfort of our air-conditioned office environs to meet an important client in the middle of the scorching summer day? And, how can we forget the times when we run into our most recent crush during that weekend grocery run in our sweats and unwashed hair?

Now, not all of us may have fairy god mothers to transform us, but we do have our favorite big bags to carry, literally, our entire universe to save us from the most awkward moments!

 Besides our phones (most obviously) and our wallets, a quick inventory of our handbags will show you that most of us carry everything from half a dozen hair ties and scrunchies, at least 3 shades of lipstick, face wipes, half eaten packet of cheetos from when we didn’t care about the calories, 2 (and sometimes even a half) pair of earrings, our lady products, and a milieu of other essentials! A girl’s got to be prepared, always!

With the summer sun glaring its super bright face at us, we have to make sure our handbags are the ultimate survival kits to protect our health, skin and eyes from dirt, pollution and sunburns so that we can look fresh and dewy all day long.

Here is our list of essentials to make your handbags summer smart:

1.  Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen

We all know how important sunscreen is for us and we never step out of the house without it. Yet, how many times have you come home at the end of a long day outdoors to see blotches and redness all over your face? The reason for this is quite simple; we NEED to reapply sunscreen every few hours if we are exposed to the sun for long hours. No matter how good your sunscreen is, you’ll sweat and it is crucial to maintain that shield of sunscreen on our face and bodies all day long to protect us from stubborn tan lines and ghastly redness. A flush on the cheeks in the summer is nice, but not at the cost of permanent sun damage. Invest in a good sunscreen with sufficient SPF based on where you live that comes in a convenient package or bottle.

Don’t forget to incorporate a Lip Balm with SPF !

And by the way, the harmful rays of the sun and the environmental aggressors are just as bad for your hair. Maybe, consider carrying a hair sunscreen, too? Don’t worry about space - that tote of yours is very accommodating!

2.  Water Baby

To prevent dehydration, to aid in digestion, to remove toxins from our body, and to keep our lips and skin moist as well as hydrated, it is an absolute must to carry a bottle of water with you. Having it in your handbag will ensure that you can take regular sips of water throughout the day.

Plus, carrying your own bottle of water is so much better than buying the disposable plastic ones each time that aren’t good for the environment.

3.  Blotting Paper

The sweaty sheen on our faces looks more like an oil well has leaked and less like the glamourous glow of a fancy highlighter. Blotting paper to the rescue! We do carry wet wipes and tissues in our bags all year, but in the summer these little packets of blotting and oil absorbing sheets are an absolute must to ensure that the excess oil on our faces that easily attracts dust is removed.

4.  Hand Sanitizer

Did you know that micro-organisms thrive in the warm weather and we are more susceptible to infections in the warmer months? It is impossible when you are active during the summers to avoid coming into contact with germ infected or sweaty surfaces. This is why we cannot extol the virtues of the Hand Sanitizer enough! It is so essential to always disinfect our hands and a convenient tube of hand sanitizer does just that.

Or consider a multi-functional product like Hand Sanitizer cum Moisturizer that nourishes the skin and sanitizes them at the same time, while making your hands smell divine. Two birds, right?

5.  Throw ‘em Shades

Not just to look summer chic, sunglasses are important to shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not just that, do you know how many wrinkles you could give yourself if you’re constantly squinting because of the bright sun in your eyes.

6.  Deodorant

It’s easy to get a bit (or a lot) whiffy in the summers. Carrying a travel size deodorant or body mist is your savior to stay out of embarrassing situations.

Here’s a hack for you – layering on the fragrance is a better idea. Choose a body wash, moisturizer and other products that have complementary scents.

Also, wear light breathable fabrics, as much as possible. Foot creams with pleasant fragrances are also an excellent option because when you release your feet from the confines of tight shoes, you don't want to assault anyone or yourself with any bad odor, do you?

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg (or a third of the volume of our bags), so to speak. That bag is your domain, and you can carry whatever makes you feel ready to face the scorching weather.

With the right ammo, summers can be so much fun. Think breezy sundresses, strappy sandals, lazy days by the pool and all that delicious ice cream!

Here's wishing you a very happy and skin-safe summer!

Jigyasha Jain

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