The Story Of Free Radicals And Antioxidants

The Story Of Free Radicals And Antioxidants

Sometimes the world of skincare can be a bit difficult to understand with intimidating words like free radicals and antioxidants. But, honestly, they are just big words that scare us to admit what is wrong with our skin. It is as simple as a problem and solution, every problem has a solution and if free radicals are your problems, we have a solution called antioxidants. 

What are free radicals?

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Free radicals are unstable structure of atoms that disturb other atoms in order to be stable. Being highly reactive electrons, free radicals damage our cells by causing  oxidative stress. When oxygen molecules split to form single atoms and lose electrons, they try to seek other atoms to complete its shell, thus acting as free radicals. Free radicals are like scavengers that feed on stable atoms to destroy them. They resemble waste products that need to be eliminated from our body. 

What causes free radicals damage?

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Free radical damage are caused by our unhealthy lifestyle choices such as:

  • Lack of sleep and exercise
  • Stress
  • Fried foods
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

The environmental factors leading to free radical damage are:

  • Everyday air pollutants
  • Smog
  • UV rays
  • Certain pesticides and cleansers

How is free radical harmful to skin?

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Free radicals can cause damage to the body’s fatty tissue, DNA and proteins. It can lead to premature ageing, diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

The cure to free radical damage - Antioxidant

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Antioxidants neutralizes the effects of free radicals. They donate an extra electron to free radicals, thus preventing them to make other atoms unstable.

What are the benefits of antioxidant:

  • Stop signs of ageing


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As mentioned earlier oxidative stress accelerates premature ageing. It breaks down collagen, hinders skin repair process and triggers inflammation. Antioxidants help your skin look younger by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and breakouts. Many anti-oxidant beauty products are available that enhances the skin to look younger from within.

  • Prevents sunburn


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Long hours of exposure to the sun makes the skin susceptible to UVA and UVB rays.  Antioxidants stimulate blood flow in the skin, thus encouraging the growth of new cells and spurring sun-damaged skin to appear younger. All antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent sunburn and protects against photo-aging. Don't fall for the sun tan myth's. 

  • Repairs skin


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Inflamed skin hinders the skin’s rejuvenation process. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and allow the skin to repair itself and correct visible damage. Reducing the appearance of scar tissue is another important benefit of antioxidants in skin care. Many types of antioxidants increase blood flow to scar tissue, minimizing the look of the scar and blending in the development of new skin. Find out about the vitamins with anti ageing properties.

  • Brightens skin tone


antioxidants brightens skin tone

Free radicals and frequent sun exposure can also change our skin’s melanin production, therefore causing dark spots and uneven skin tone. Antioxidants help prevent abnormal skin pigmentation by reducing photo damage. Some antioxidants like vitamin C also work to deter melanin production.

How can you reap the benefits of antioxidants?


 berries are a great source of antioxidants

Antioxidants can be incorporated in your body by enhancing your diet plan. Fruits and vegetables like spinach, beans, red cabbage, kale, beats, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, artichokes, etc are rich in antioxidants. Even the coveted dark chocolate can be a source of antioxidant.  Find out more about the anti-ageing foods.

Apart from diet plans, many skincare products contain vitamin C and vitamin E, which are two major antioxidants. So, go stock your fridge with antioxidant-rich foods and your dresser with antioxidant-rich skincare.

Jigyasha Jain

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