Skincare Tips In Summer

Skincare Tips In Summer

Congratulations! You have beaten winters with your glow and now it’s time to continue that during summers. Summers can be really tricky, where your skin battles humongous amount of sun rays and sweat. Oily skin gets oilier, dry skin gets rashes and rough patches, irregular acne and breakout of pimples becomes frequent. So what should we do during this time? Here are some few skincare tips and tricks for a healthy skin during the sweltering summers.

Morning Routine



Begin your morning with a detoxifying drink of lemon water, it cleanses your skin and also helps in weight loss. Vitamin C in lemon (and other citrus fruits) helps in keeping your skin firm, clear and tight.

Exfoliate and cleanse


Exfoliation is an essential step in our skin routine as it removes the dead skin cells from your skin surface and lets it breathe. It prevents the skin from having textured uneven skin tone. It also reduces the risk of acne. Cleanse your face twice a day with a mild sulphate free face wash. Exfoliate with mild natural scrubs at least twice a week. Opt for naturally made cleansers like Dot & Keys Acne Control Facial Cleansing Foam, which is made of jojoba, castor seeds and avocado oils.

Have a healthy breakfast


It is said that the first meal of the day must be full of vitamins and minerals. Skipping your breakfast is a big no. A healthy breakfast must comprise of fresh fruits, dried nuts, protein rich foods and some carbs.

Look for Light Weight Serums

Summer calls for using light-weighted, oil-free skincare products, and serums having similar texture should be your ideal pick. Serums like Matte Finish Moisturizer Face Serum replenishes skin’s natural moisture barrier which is ideal for summers. Use water based serums for overnight skin repair.

Don’t forget that your hair also requires sun care. On natural hair, it can have a lightening effect (think back to those sun-kissed highlights you’d get as a kid). On color-treated hair, it may have more of a fading effect. And regardless of whether your strands are processed or not, “too much sunlight will dry out hair and make it brittle,” warns Edward Tricomi, Master Stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salons. Use Hair Sunscreen + Softening Serum SPF 15, a serum that protects your hair from UV ray and keeps your tresses bouncy and non-greasy all day long.

Types of Serum you must use


Serums are different from other skin treatments because they are made of smaller molecules that easily penetrate into the skin. Therefore, they start working on the problem immediately.

For oily skin - If you have an oily skin and don't already use a serum, then your skin is missing out on great benefits. The qualities that differentiate serums from moisturizers make serums perfect for oily and combination skin.

For dry skin - Incorporating one of the best hydrating serums for dry skin into your routine, especially if you're prone to tight, uncomfortably dry skin and rough patches is one of the most effective ways to plump your skin, keep it glowing, and end up with fresh skin feeling smooth and moist.

For all skin types – Multi purpose serums that fight issues like wrinkles, dullness, dark spots and pigmentation can be used for all skin types. As serums come in high active concentration make sure you are careful while applying it.

However, if you haven’t applied anything in the day, a water based super light and comfortable overnight serum to replenish lost nutrients could also do the trick.

Afternoon Routine

Baptize yourself with sunscreen


Stepping outside without applying sunscreen is deeply condemned. We cannot save ourselves from the sun, therefore applying sunscreen which protects us from UVA and UVB rays is something that nobody should miss out. Transparent Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 is weight-less, non sticky and broad spectrum, and leaves behind no white cast on skin, hence making it perfect for layering your skin.

Stay hydrated


Make H2O your best companion this summer. Drinking lots of fluids and staying hydrated is very necessary during summers or else it becomes the prime reason for a pimple and acne breakout, and dull dry skin. Always carry a bottle with you, that’s a handy tip.  Know more about hydration from fruits .

Night Routine

Healthy make-up remover


Long-stay makeup keeps you looking your best for hours, but removing it can often be a task. Skin cleansing Steam Balm – Makeup remover containing coconut, almond, macadamia and argan oil gives you the best result. Whether you mix it with water for a creamy cleanse or apply it directly on to your face for a luxurious, balm-like feel, this makeup cleanser melts instantly to dissolve all makeup and dirt.  It not only deep cleans skin, but also does so while intensely nourishing it.

Bedtime moisturizing rituals


A simple bedtime ritual also add to your healthy skin. It pampers and revitalizes your skin bringing a glow to it. Replenish skin with a concentrated dose of hydrators while you sleep. This is the best time to use hand and foot creams, and a super hydrating face serum.

Mask your way to healthiness


This is one of the best night care tips during summer. Applying a clay mask before going to bed will refine the surface of your skin. Its exfoliating properties will make the skin look even and improve the texture, while minimizing and decongesting pores. Nowadays, you can easily find ready-to-apply clay masks in the market. Pick one of these to save time.

An overnight mask can also do wonders. A nutritious water or cream base overnight mask is perfect to help address the areas of dryness. The mask will provide necessary hydration and relaxation to the skin. You will find a wide variety of overnight masks in the market. Make sure to choose the one that will suit your skin type.

Follow these skincare tips in summer and you’re all set. Spare a few minutes for treating your skin and the summer sun won’t get in your way of beautiful flawless skin and hair.

Jigyasha Jain

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