Skincare Tips For Summer | Enjoy Your Summer Vacation To The Fullest!

Skincare Tips For Summer | Enjoy Your Summer Vacation To The Fullest!

How’s your summer vacation plan coming along?

While summer trips are fun and exciting, the experience is not that great for the skin! Wondering why?

Harmful UV rays, dust, grime, and pollution are among the top culprits that harass skin when you camp outdoors.

But, should that stop us from going on vacations? Absolutely not! 

Just be a little extra cautious while you're out and exploring. Additionally, keep these summer skincare tips handy for a carefree travel experience. 

Read along to find them below!  

Top Skincare Tips to Follow on Your Summer Vacation

Keep these skincare tips in mind to keep your skin glowing and nourished during and after your vacation. 

Tip 1: Modify Your Skincare Routine As Per Location

Have you packed your skincare products in your luggage yet? Take a pause to review them.


Because it's important to adjust your skincare regime as per the climate you plan on traveling. 

Your skin care regimen is heavily influenced by the weather. So, don't make the mistake of using the same skincare routine as you use in your hometown when vacationing in a place with a different climate.  

For example, a skincare routine that is good for humid conditions, will not be appropriate for a dry and hot climate. 

Similarly, a skincare routine that is meant for cold temperatures may not be a good option for hot temperatures. 

Tip 2: Be smart when it comes to packing

No one wants to carry a truck load of luggage while traveling. But at the same time, it's essential to make room for your skincare products because skipping it is not an option. 

In case of limited space, you may consider carrying skincare products in travel-sized containers. Purchase some little travel bottles or make travel-friendly pouches of your skincare regime to keep your skin glowing throughout your vacation. 


Tip 3: Take care of your skin on the go

Be extra cautious while traveling. Prep your skin on the journey to keep it well moisturized and protected. Soothe it with a moisturizer or a hydrating sheet mask to keep away signs of fatigue and dullness. Have miceller water and cotton pads ready, if you want to keep your skin clean and fresh on the journey. 

Tip 4: Sun protection is a must

Traveling means discovering new places, admiring the beauty of tourist sites and, and relishing local delicacies. Besides enriching you with colourful experiences, your wanderlust exposes you to UV rays, dust, and pollution. Needless to say, your skin needs extra protection from the sun. So always apply sunscreen before heading, no matter how the weather is outside. 

Always remember to have sunscreen with you while going out in the sun, even if it appears that you never get burned. Always use a light sunscreen spray that penetrates skin quickly for easy reapplication when sightseeing or camping outdoors. Also, don’t forget to carry sun protection accessories such as a hat and sunglasses.  

Tip 5: Pay attention to eyes and lips

Your eyes and lips are among the most sensitive parts of your body. Use sunglasses and eye creams to protect your eyes from dust and UV rays. Similarly, carry your lip care products to keep your lips soft and nourished throughout the trip, and prevent dryness. 


Tip 6: Don’t just use any products

While it is advisable to adjust skincare as per the location you plan on traveling, it is important to still stick to ones that suit your skin type. 

Also, make sure to not give into your urge of slathering on the complementary products provided in the hotel. 

Though they might be good quality products, it is not necessary that they will suit your skin. Even if you are staying somewhere opulent, you should be cautious about what you use on your skin.

Tip 7: Moisturization is the key

Moisturization is an unskippable part of skincare, whether you are on a vacation or staying at home. But, when on a trip make sure to use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and ideal for the weather of the place you are visiting. 

This is because, severe environment, dust, and exhaustion can dehydrate your skin, making it dull and fatigued. However, proper moisturization can aid in the retention of much-needed moisture, giving your skin a boost of freshness and glow. 

Tip 8: Remove makeup before bed

No matter how tiring your sightseeing venture was or how late you returned to your hotel, make it a point to take off your makeup.

Remember to be gentle while removing makeup and use products that do not feature harsh chemicals. You can use a gentle cleansing balm to remove makeup before you hit the bed. 

Note: After removing your makeup, complete your night time regime to help your skin repair and rejuvenate overnight so that you wake up with a fresh glow the next morning.

A fun and exciting summer vacation may be exciting, but it can also be bad for your skin. So prep your skin for the trip and take care of it during the vacation to keep it healthy and selfie-ready throughout the trip. 

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