Skin Pores: Can They Be Tightened? Know What Works For Your Pores

Skin Pores: Can They Be Tightened? Know What Works For Your Pores
Worried about those prominent apertures and want to get rid of your pores completely? Well, let's be honest, you cannot really get them to disappear as it is not you who controls it but your genetics.

What however is in your power, is to tighten your skin so you can minimize their appearance.

But why are they even there?

Your skin does have contact with the outside environment through thousands of tiny pores. Every hair follicle has a pore and these numerous pores are vital to your skin's health. How?

They help your skin breathe, remove sweat and oil and also help with cooling you down. But guess what, these pores are prone to blockage due to excess oil, build-up and stingy bacteria that are forever ready to be your pretty skin's unwanted guests.

The excess oil & build-up makes these pores look more prominent on your face, making your lovely skin go all shiny with those enlarged pores.

How to close pores?

Okay, so let’s get this straight first. You CANNOT get rid of these pores, nor can you close them as they are naturally existent. What you can do, however, is tighten your skin to make them less visible. And yes, you can be all-natural about it too.

So how to get rid of skin pores? Or in other words, minimize their appearance? Worry not, as there are a few methods that can significantly help in minimizing your pores. Let's dive deeper into them.


Cleanse the dirt off

This goes without saying. If you are not cleansing your face at least once a day, you can just welcome enlarged pores. Excess dirt and oil will stretch your pores from within making them look as though they were deliberately stretched out on your face. Sigh.

No, don't get us wrong. While it's always a personal choice to let them be visible or not, cleansing your pores is always beneficial if your skin's health matters to you. Doesn't it?

Your skin accumulates dirt and bacteria as you touch it occasionally with your hands or worse, have a weird habit of picking at it frequently.  But the good news is that using cleansers regularly will help remove that excess grease and also keep breakouts at bay.

You might consider using a foaming face wash like Dot and Key's Deep Pore Facial Foam Cleanser that deeply cleanses, to unclog pores & thereby minimize their appearance.

Toner for enlarged pores

Toners refresh your skin without stripping it off its natural nutrients. They are also responsible for balancing your skin’s pH.

Most importantly, they even help you in tightening your pores. This also helps ensure that the amount of dirt, grime & impurities that enter your skin’s pores are minimized greatly.

You can choose an alcohol-free toner such as the Watermelon Skin Glow Face Toner from Dot & Key. It not only balances the skin’s pH but also controls sebum production & reduces the appearance of clogged pores.

Exfoliate & Peel

Well, your skin is no less than a hardworking ant when it comes to skin repairing. Always at its peak, repairing and replacing old skin cells with new ones. Good for you, right?

But not so good if these dead cells block your pores only to leave you with more porous skin. Hence, it is always a good idea to exfoliate once in a while to avoid dead skin and oil build-up in the pores to say hello to smooth, ready-to-flaunt skin. 

You can consider using Dot & Key’s AHA+BHA Exfoliating Glow Hydro Peel Serum to gently peel away the dead skin cells, to reveal supple, fresh & younger looking skin. However, make sure you are only using this twice a week.

Clay Masks to the rescue

While its name might sound like something that adds more grime to the skin, what it does tells otherwise. Clay Masks removes dirt, and excess sebum and also unclogs pores to give your skin that tightened look. Who had thought so?

You can use a clay mask like the Dot & Key Detan Clay Mask which  polishes your skin and promotes glowing skin.

Stop clicking sunbathed selfies

Believe us, you are better off using “sunbathed filters” than actual sun-basking. Those UV radiations are doing more harm than good for your pores. Wondering how?

Your lovely skin can lose its elasticity on long-term exposure to sun rays, thanks to the latter's collagen-harming properties. Hence, it is always a good idea to put on your sunscreen every time you step out to keep your skin shielded.

But which one? You can use any broad spectrum sunscreen with a higher SPF like one with SPF 50 that prevents sunburn due to harsh sun rays and provides adequate protection against UV rays. 

DIY skincare tips to tackle your pores 

What was already lying in your kitchen, neglected for so long (no, not if it has surpassed its expiry date) can also be used on your skin to minimize your pores. Surprised?

Try out these super easy DIY methods to get rid of skin pores and make your skin look radiant and all smooth yet again.

Cool down with some ice

Are you aware of the pore tightening effects of rubbing ice cubes on the skin? Well, ice can be the culprit if you have a runny nose but it can't be so when it comes to tightening pores. Do you know how?

It absorbs excess oil from your face, improves blood circulation, and is also known to prevent skin aging( unless you stop doing so after a week or two).

Scrub it all with sweet sugar

Make a scrub with one teaspoon sugar and 2 tsp lemon juice. Yes, it's that simple. Mix it and apply it to your face. Rinse after a bit. Don't forget your moisturizer!

Re-energize your dull skin with tomato

You heard it right. Just a piece of tomato. Scrub it all over your face and rinse it after 15- 20 minutes. Not only will you witness an instant lightening of your skin, but your pores will also get minimized.

The bottom line

Porous skin can be hard to get rid of. While it's impossible to close the pores, they can still be tightened to get a less porous-looking, smoother skin. A good cleanser, clay mask, regular exfoliation, and pampering your skin with natural face masks are all you need to keep your pores healthy and tight. 

Get your skin some cold therapy by rubbing it regularly with ice cubes. Your skin will make you as happy as you make it. To wrap it up, we would like to remind you that your beauty depends on how good you feel from the inside out!

So it is best to stop looking at your pores as something that hinders your beauty. Worry about keeping them healthy and unclogged, that's all.

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