How to protect your skin when you are travelling

How to protect your skin when you are travelling

The long wait is over. Your suitcase is packed, your fanny bag is brimming with all the travel necessities, you have got your vacay hats on and your insta story is buzzing with your excitement. But as you venture into your holidays, do not forget to take care of your skin.

When you are traveling you may experience breakouts, chapped lips and oilier skin. The dry cabin air, pre-trip stress and climate change can have unfavorable impacts on your skin.

So, while you may not be able to pay special attention to your skin while you are blissfully lost in your holiday vibes, there are some easy ways through which you can keep your skin travel happy.

  • Moisturize


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Cabin pressure has dehydrating effects on your skin. So, the night before you are taking off, apply moisturizer thoroughly, you can even reapply it before stepping on the airplane. Moisturizing will keep your skin hydrated and can prevent breakouts. Even throughout your holiday, always use a moisturizer as different weather conditions can leave your skin dry or too oily. You can also use a hydrating serum or facial mist; they are refreshing and also adds a boost of hydration.

  • Makeup


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Let go of makeup on flight day. The atmosphere inside the airplane has very low humidity and certain foundation and powders can dry your skin even more and can cause acne. If you really want to use makeup on flight, then skip powder-based foundation. Instead use a tinted moisturizer with cream-based foundation. Also use a lip balm instead of lipstick and look for non-comedogenic products that have good-to-skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, honey, shea butter, etc. When you are travelling, always make sure to remove makeup before calling in for the night. For reapplying your makeup during the trip, do not slather more foundation, instead use a facial mist spray and then dab it with your moisturizer.

  • Sunscreen


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Applying your SPF is absolutely necessary in your everyday life and holidays are no different. Plus, during a flight you are closer to the sun and clouds reflect UV rays, so use your sunscreen diligently.

  • Blotting paper


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If your skin gets oily when you are travelling, you should use blotting paper. It removes the excess oil from your ‘T’ Zone without stripping your face off the moisture.

  • Sleep masks


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Vacations are for relaxing and what better way to relax your skin than masking. Whether you are on a flight or just worn down by too much sightseeing, sleep masks are the best option for skin hydration as well as relaxation. And even during trips, they help to tone down the exhausted, dull look of the face and revive its fresh glow.

  • Under eye


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Puffy eyes during long flights or sleepless nights during travelling are common. Your under eye certainly does have an impact when you are on a trip. So, try to use an eye mask, eye cream or night cream that can help you to wake up to fresh peepers rather than sunken, weary looking eyes. You can also apply crushed ice under your eyes for an instant energetic look. Know more about under eye problems.

  • Avoid touching your face


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Keep your hands off your face as you can pick up unknown bacteria from anywhere, which may result in breakouts. If you are touching your face, use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer first, and then touch your face.

  • Others


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While you are travelling remember to hydrate yourself by drinking water, coconut water or eating fruits with a high water content. If you are using a new skincare product, make sure you are using it at least two weeks prior to your trip. Pack your beauty bag in consideration with the weather of your travel destination, so if you are going to a place with high humidity, choose a light moisturizer and include it in your skin care routine prior to the trip along with your regular moisturizer.

So, those were some tips that may help you to take care of your skin the next time you travel. Tell us your travel beauty hacks and forget to worry about your skin, the next time you pack your suitcase for your dream destination.

Jigyasha Jain

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