How Does Blue Light Damage Your Skin?

blue light from laptop

Are you cautious enough to your skin? Do you know blue light from the device can damage your skin? I know, you must be shocked, But it's a fact. Some studies have proven and health experts have also shown that blue light from the digital device can cause damage.

blue light from laptop

If you think protection from UVA and UVB rays is enough to prevent premature ageing then it is the best time to burst this myth. We are significantly getting more blue light exposure by clocking up more than enough screen time every day.

A study has proven that spending eight hours in front of computer is equal to the amount of spending twenty minutes in the mid-day sun, that is powerful enough to develop immediate tanning.

How does blue light damage skin?

blue light damaging effects on skin

Blue light causes potential skin harms via free radicals generation. A study says blue light has been shown to prompt oxidative stress in skin. That can lead to skin ageing, as you get affected with the UVA exposure.

A study says blue light is more powerful than UVA and UVB in penetrating your skin. This absorption of the blue light within skin causes skin damages.

Blue light disrupts our natural circadian rhythm that leads in compromising our beauty sleep. A significant exposure to blue light can create trouble to fall asleep because blue light affects the level of melatonin that results in poor sleep. A new research has shown that blue light exposure at night affects the natural circadian rhythm of skin cells that cause skin cells to continue as it does in daytime. It impacts your natural night time repair process which can induce to ageing and under-eye dark circles. It is recommended to read the blog on ways to take care of your eyes.

Is blue light only bad?


No, blue light is not bad all the time. Existing studies indicate that blue light exposure during daytime has some health benefits, like cheering mood and boosting alertness. However, we receive skin damages from sun light in the form of environmental damage that leads to premature aging. Well, you should be aware of all the facts about blue light that can help you to choose the best anti ageing serum or the protective products like skin essential night serum for being attentive to your skin care regime.

Blue light is used even as a beauty treatment for people who have acne. A study has shown that blue light is an effective therapy in small burst for specific skin disorders like breakouts. Make sure you've consulted your skin specialist before going for such options.

How to protect skin from blue light damage?


Clearly you need to take indoor and outdoor protection as both sun light and digital devices contain blue light that damages skin.

Indoor protection from devices :  Cover your phones and tablets with a blue light shield. Lowering screen light is a good option that you can include in your habit to reduce skin damage.

Disable blue light in favour of yellow light through the setting of your smartphone. Some of the smartphones have the feature to set yellow light instead of blue to avoid the skin harms and damages.

Outdoor protection by using topical antioxidants : Skin care needs the smart shield and your choice of the protective products makes a protective layer on your skin that prevents skin damages.

Using transparent sunscreen spray  is equally useful to protect against the damaging effects of blue light from devices.

Including antioxidant rich diet in your serving can help to boost your skin’s defense against oxidative environmental damages.

Topical antioxidants like anti pigmentation cream and anti ageing serum are a must when it comes to caring your skin. Your skin has natural antioxidants in the form of vitamin E. However these get damaged when your skin is exposed to free radicals. Applying skin care products like pigmentation removal cream and other blue light preventing products along with eating antioxidant rich diet can help you to get damage free skin.


A word for caution:

Covering your phone and tablets with blue light shield is a cheap way to reduce the skin damages. Some of the smartphones have the feature to disable blue light in favor of yellow light. Doing it all the time can act like an anti ageing serum at free of cost. Using topical antioxidants are must when it comes to caring skin and preventing blue light skin damages. We have recommended the best products that you can try to keep your skin damage free and healthy.

Jigyasha Jain

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