High on Detox Water - Recipes and Benefits.

High on Detox Water - Recipes and Benefits.

Water is life, but life can get boring sometimes, and so does water. Introducing, detox water, a flavoury solution to make plain water interesting and for a change, add some taste to it. Apart from flavouring water, detox water as the name suggests, comes with several health enhancing traits. Have a look at various kinds of different detox water and how they add colour to our life. 

How to make detox water?

Detox water, is basically water infused with flavours of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. It does not mean blending them into the water or making a juice and that is the reason why it has less calories. Selective foods can even help slow down skin ageing process. Some recipes for detox water are:

  • Cool Cucumber


 cucumber detox water

Cucumbers have a high water content and is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. They are a powerhouse of antioxidants that has a natural soothing essence. To make a cucumber detox water, just add slices of cleaned and peeled (or not peeled depending on your taste)  cucumber into the water and to top it off, mix a few mint leaves. 

  • Citrusy Lemon


 lemon detox water

Lemon is good for alkalizing the body, by balancing the pH levels and removing toxins. It also improves our immune system, is a great source of vitamin C and aids in weight loss. The best time to drink lemon water, is in the morning. You can tweak this flavour by adding different things to lemon. You can opt for a sour and strong lemon ginger water, a summery drink like lemon orange water, the forever twins lemon and lime or a super healthy lemon aloe vera water. Vitamins can even help slow your skin ageing.

  • Berry much


berries detox water

Strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, one can never get enough of berries. Sweet and sour with a bit of tartness, berries are delicious as well as antioxidant healthy. You can make your detox water with a dash of red by adding watermelon and strawberries or a colorful mix of oranges and blueberries or a simple raspberry and orange delight. 

  • Apple cinnamon gulps


apple cinnamon detox water

A glass of apple detox water a day, keeps the doctor ( and plain water ) away. We all know that apple is a star show of healthy fruits, but coupled with cinnamon, this duo works great to regulate metabolism and to keep the energy level high. You can also opt for apple cider vinegar detox water, a not so tasteful drink, but a super healthy option. 


Benefits of detox water

Known as  a “master-cleanser”, detox water is great for your body, mind and skin.

  • Weight loss


detox water

Detox water is free of calories, it increases your metabolic rate, thus helping to lose weight. Also, if you are drinking detox water before a meal, you tend to eat less as it is quite filling. 

  • Aids in digestion


 detox water

Hydration is important for digestive health and maintaining regular bowel movements. Detox water, especially the one with lemon, is a digestive elixir as it acts as a natural astringent to clean out the bowels. Drink warm water infused with lemon the first thing in the morning and you will never complain about digestion again. 

  • Uplifts mood and energy levels


 detox water

Detox water cleanses you from within, and you feel a remarkable boost in your energy levels. Ingredients like mint, lemon and rosemary not only rejuvenates your body,  but it also increases your mental alertness. Apart from that just restoring hydration goes a long way to ensure calmness in our exhausting routines.

  • Good for skin


detox water

We all know that water is great for skin, but detox water reduces inflammation and cleanses your body off toxin overload, thus reducing signs of ageing and maintaining clear skin. 


So, now you don’t have an excuse to not drink water, in fact, this recipes will make you want to drink more water and fulfill all your hydration goals. Eight glasses of water a day, easy peasy!

Jigyasha Jain

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