Here's Why You Should be Using Caffeine for your Skin & Eye Care

Here's Why You Should be Using Caffeine for your Skin & Eye Care

Many people can’t start their day without a mug of coffee. For some even so much as talking before they’ve had their first sip is torture. But coffee is not just the perfect antidote for drowsiness and grumpiness; it is also a great stimulant that improves brain function, makes one more alert, enhances stamina and even makes ones skin better. In fact, caffeine for eye care is one the best kept beauty secrets.


But first what is caffeine?

To put it simply caffeine is a bitter crystallized alkaloid that is present in several food products like -

  • cacao beans
  • coffee
  • tea
  • dola nuts
  • energy drinks
  • and aerated drinks.

If consumed or applied in moderation there are many advantages of caffeine.


cup of coffee

How old is Coffee?

The most common form in which people consume caffeine is coffee. But have you ever wondered how and when did we start having coffee?

Coffee is rumored to have been first seen in Ethiopia around 800 B.C. But it was brought to America around 1600’s.


Caffeine Benefits

Here are a few caffeine benefits for skin that you should know –

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Caffeine for skin care

  • Caffeine improves blood circulation to skin cells, helping nutrients reach skin cells more effectively. So having caffeine regularly makes skin look healthier and gives it a natural glow.
  • Another benefit of caffeine is that it can reduce cellulite. Exfoliating your skin with freshly ground coffee beans or using a body wash or scrub that has coffee in it, can stimulate the skin cells and make skin firmer to a certain extent.
  • Caffeine is also packed with antioxidants. This means that one of the advantages of caffeine is that it can repair the damage caused by UV rays to our skin. This makes it ideal for protection from sun exposure. But it is not a replacement for sunscreen. So do continue using sunscreen, even if you have several cups of coffee everyday, or are using a skin care product packed with caffeine.
  • Caffeine can also curb redness and inflammation of skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Products with caffeine can reduce skin diseases like Rosacea by constricting blood vessels in skin cells.
  • Using a caffeine based skin care product can help to even out your skin tone as it reduces redness, as well as blemishes and spots caused by UV rays.



Caffeine for eye care

Caffeine for eye care is the latest fad in the skin care industry. Here’s why -

  • Caffeine reduces puffiness around the eyes by improving the circulation to the under eye skin cells. If used in a de-puffing eye mask like puffiness minimizing mask by Dot & Key, it can work wonders for your under eye skin.
  • Packed with antioxidants caffeine can help to prevent and reduce fine lines around the eyes to an extent. It also helps to reduce dark circles by boosting blood circulation there. If you are plagued with dull eyes or have glaring dark circles, an antioxidant eye cream with coffee cherry like this one by Dot & Key can take care of your under eye woes.


So get ahead of the curve, and enjoy the best results of caffeine for eye care, by using eye care products with caffeine regularly.


Other health benefits

Caffeine also has several other health benefits –

  • Not just the outside of your eyes, caffeine also helps your eyes from within. Caffeine helps to keep a steady supply of oxygen to the eyes, preventing retinal damage. This keeps your eyesight sharp.
  • Caffeine can help reduce weight. Don’t expect a before and after weight loss ad after having a few cups of coffee. But because caffeine is a diuretic, it can help lose some water weight retained by your body. It also makes your metabolism a bit faster, but the effects of this will depend on how fast or slow your metabolism is to begin with.
  • There is a reason people go for a strong cup of coffee after a night of bingeing. A cup of coffee can cure a headache. Caffeine has many neuroprotective benefits that often makes it a better cure for migraines than an over the counter headache medicine.
  • And finally, having caffeine regularly can reduce the risk of cancer. It has also been shown to have a certain amount of impact on cancerous cells. It’s not a cure, but it doesn’t hurt to include some coffee in your diet. Having coffee regularly has been shown to have a major impact in preventing skin cancer. But it can also prevent other kinds of cancers.

Research has shown that 5 cups of caffeinated drinks can reduce the risk of various kinds of cancers ranging from breast and colon cancer, to oral and brain cancer to varying degrees.


Whether it’s for skin care, eye care or for health reasons, there are many benefits to be reaped from caffeine. So, enjoy the benefits of caffeine by not just having a cup of coffee in the morning, but by including caffeine in your skin care regimen as well.

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