Fruits To Stay Hydrated In Summer!

Fruits To Stay Hydrated In Summer!

Summer comes, bringing with itself shades of yellow, too much ice cream and a way lot of heat. All around your instagram feed, there is wave of ‘beat the heat’ trending on the top. While, it is easy to read summer rules, it also becomes tardy to follow them. Staying hydrated for long hours is an obvious automated reminder on all our phones and gulping down ice water is not that healthy, fellows. So, why not eat hydrated fruits that will be a great help to manage our water level.



    Water content – 96.7%

    Before you go technical on us, yes cucumber is a fruit and it does not count as a green vegetable. Apart from its hydrating powers, it is also rich in vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant to kick out those free radicals, thus preventing ageing. It also treats sunburn and irritated skin and calms puffy, tired eyes.

    There are many cucumber salad recipes out there, but for a refreshing change, try cucumber smoothie, pairing it with coconut milk, bananas and pineapple. Blend all of them together with a touch of lime and stay hydrated for long. You can also opt for a cucumber raita or a cucumber soup.



      Water content – 91.5%

      The most instagram friendly fruit, watermelon is all the rage in food, pictures and even in fashion. Its hydration capacity is at par with its sweet taste. Watermelon also acts as a natural skin toner to shrink body tissues. It is full of antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin A, that prevents formation of free radicals and keep those wrinkles at bay.

      Mix chopped watermelon in curd (add sugar if you like) and savor frozen watermelon yogurt or just enjoy it in its original form and relish the taste.


        Water content – 91%

        "I got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth." — Jeffree Star.

        The right combination of sour and sweet, strawberries are perfect for your health as well as mood. Strawberries comes with multi-benefits, it balances skin sebum level to prevent acne formation, it slows ageing, restores dewy eyes and removes blemishes and dark spots to bring back radiant looking skin.

        There is no one way of having strawberries, you can add them to anything and everything. From healthy options like oats, smoothies, bread and salads to craving options like cake, muffins and macrons, strawberries owes our pink heart.


          Water content – 95%

          Apart from being a spotlight in many south Indian dishes, coconut is extremely healthy and refreshing.  Coconut water reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing, prevents acne and moisturizes dry skin.

          Coconut milk is used in many forms, you can also drink coconut water directly or you can look up to various forms of dishes incorporated with coconut. Shredded coconut is used in many baking dishes like macrons, granola bars, pancakes and muffins.


            Water content – 90.5%

            This citrusy fruit is a cross between plum and orange. It aids in liver maintenance, regulates blood sugar level and improves glucose intolerance. Apart from that, it a great skin exfoliant and it protects as well as rejuvenates skin.

            Grapefruit is used in cocktails and margaritas. It is also used in many salads.

            So, pick your indulgence this summer and eat all the hydration you can get.

            Jigyasha Jain

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