Amazing Skincare Regime For Acne-prone Skin

Amazing Skincare Regime For Acne-prone Skin

Do you know what is more unpredictable than life? Pimples. Popping every now and then, pimples are like nosy neighbors that never leaves us alone. And while we do not have a quick fix for your neighbor problems, we do have a solution to shoo away your acne for good.

Treating adult acne is an ongoing process, you cannot just use a product when you have acne and chuck it later. You have to follow a proper  skincare regime that takes into consideration your acne always. So, stock your dresser with the following products and look into the mirror to see an acne free face.

Step 1: Fine foaming

Acne-Control Facial Cleansing Foam


 Dot & Key's Acne Face Wash

This toughie is gentle on skin, but harsh on acne. Its foamy texture deep cleanses skin to pull out impurities and fight acne-causing bacteria to leave skin clear and fresh after every wash. It does not dry out your skin after each rinse and its natural ingredients like avocado oil and castor seeds moisturize skin. Formulated with a sulphate-free blend of mild cleansers, it is the best start to banish away acne woos. Do you know what are causing acne other than bacteria?

Step 2 : Serum wisdom

Skin Clarifying Zit Zapping Purifying Face Serum

Dot & Key's Acne face serum


A perfect antidote to all things acne, this face serum is a must have for clear de-congested skin. Concocted with tea tree and clary sage oils, this non-comedogenic formula treats pimples, balances sebum level, unclogs pores and clears acne scars. Its oil-free, water light formula ensures smooth skin purification. A true genie, it grants all your wishes and leaves you with the magic of clear skin. It is always better to keep our skin clean rather than finding ways to remove acne later.

Step 3 : Moisturization must

Matte Finish Moisturizer Face Serum

Dot & Key's matte finish face serum


Ever heard of moisture in serum? Well, you have now. This non-greasy serum works to control oil level and simultaneously hydrate skin. Its shine control formula with tea tree oil has a mattifying effect, absorbing excess oils and locking in moisture for hours. What’s more, it leaves your skin with soothing lavender fragrance that keeps your skin looking and feeling best all day. 

Step 4 : Sunscreen surely

Transparent Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

Dot & Key's sunscreen


What does sunscreen have to do with acne? Well, you need to protect your skin from damaging UV rays and acne or not sun protection is a must. It is non-comedogenic and does not contain elements like zinc oxide which means that is safe to use on skin without leading to breakouts. Its light, oil-free liquid texture spreads uniformly without any fuss and is absorbed rapidly, leaving no white coating or heaviness. so, now you are out of excuses to put on sunscreen. Bonus tip, don't fall for the acne myths.

So, there yo go with your safe skincare ritual for acne-free days ahead!

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Jigyasha Jain

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