Amazing Natural Beauty Tips For Face

Amazing Natural Beauty Tips For Face

Sometimes it may seem like smooth, flawless skin is as difficult to get as free money. But, while getting free money is impossible nowadays, surprisingly getting great skin is not.

Yes, you have to be persistent and patient to let your skin adjust to your healthy choices, but once you do that and incorporate these beauty-must-haves into your routine, you are bound to see changes in your skin. 



coffee scrub

Your eyes convey everything, but those dark circles and other eye enemies are putting a damper on your cherry expression. Dark circles are caused due to constriction of dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin's surface. This can happen because of sleep deprivation, fatigue, aging or dehydration. So, follow a routine to sleep early, work less and also switch off all your digital devices at night. Apart from that you can also try some home remedies. Here comes your good old friend-coffee. Coffee helps to stimulate blood circulation, which lessens the dark tint under your eyes. It not only helps to treat dark circles, but coffee is also very nutritious for the skin. A paste of coffee beans and coconut oil when applied daily for a week can lighten your dark circles and make your face look fresh and energized. 

Chilled Tea Bags

tea bags


Dull, swollen eyes steal the radiance from your face, making you look sleepy and tired. Chilled tea bags are antioxidant rich that restore your under eye skin’s firmness and elasticity. They also provide a cool soothing sensation that instantly relaxes your under eyes. 

Apart from these beauty tips there are many other home remedies that perk up your eyes naturally.

Aloe Vera


aloe vera

Breakouts are a major problem, and no amount of foundation can make you look good, unless that pimple is gone. Acne is basically caused due to hormonal imbalances, which can happen due to many reasons apart from puberty ( stay away from such acne myths ) like stress, menstrual cycle or pregnancy. But there are some easy hacks that can cure acne quickly. From trying spot treatments through tea tree oil, to using green tea and aloe vera, pimples are not as big of a deal as we make them. 

Coconut Oil



Tired of wrinkles more than you are tired of Mondays? We feel you, wrinkles and fine lines are caused due to lack of collagen production. Firstly you need to change your sleeping position. If you press your face against the pillow, it leads to “compression”, which causes wrinkles. So, sleep on your back and remove your makeup before sleeping. Also you can use coconut oil to moisturize your face as it is a natural emollient that fills the gap in the epidermis and makes skin smooth. Another thing that you can do is improve your diet to include foods that fight premature skin aging. 




There is no need to stress how important sunscreen is for the skin. But food items containing saturated fats, fatty acids and antioxidants increase your body’s tolerance towards sun rays. So, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables and also seafood like salmon and trout fish that are rich in antioxidants will help to protect your skin against sun damage. If you have a tan, then there are many homemade masks that helps to naturally lighten your skin colour by reducing the effect of melanin on your skin.  Such homemade masks include a paste of lemon and honey and also tomato and rice flour. Ingredients like yogurt, cucumber and turmeric also help to remove sun tan. 




Another thing that dulls your facial appearance is dry lips. No matter how much lipstick you apply, you can never get the right texture, if your lips are chapped and in constant need of moisturization. Moisturizing oils like coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil and honey too helps to remove chapped appearance of lips to give your lips a moisturized look. 

Different homemade masks

homemade face mask


Increased sebum production accumulates dead skin cells and cloggged pores. This is how pimples and zits are formed, so to tackle the problem of acne from its root, follow this method. For exfoliation of dead skin cells, use a mask of raw papaya flesh and fresh pineapple because it contains papain and bromelain that makes your skin soft and smooth. For removing dead cells use a mask of yogurt, raw honey and turmeric in equal proportion and apply it to your face.

Coconut and Oatmeal


homemade face mask

Even if you do not have dry skin, you need moisturization daily, because oily skin can become more oily if it is not moisturized. Add powdered oatmeal to your bath, drink milk and apply coconut oil or honey for skin moisturization.

Easily Available Ingredients


homemade face mask

To get that natural shine on your skin, is really difficult. Some are born with it, but those who are not, there are always mother nature’s ways to help you. Home remedies for glowing skin include easily available ingredients like milk, honey, cucumber, lemon and even besan and turmeric. 

Lifestyle habits

homemade face mask


Great skin takes great work and it is not all about applying masks and oils, you need to change your lifestyle habits to take your skin a thousand steps closer towards perfection.

  1. Eat right food - Lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits with high water content.  
  2. Cut down smoking - It makes your skin dehydrated, thus forming wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Manage your stress - Stress can cause acne and premature aging. So, find time to unwind, sleep well and meditate. 
  4. Cut down on unhealthy food items like sugar or junk foods.

So, there you go with these easy DIY beauty tips to bring that glow back to your face. For more such beauty tips, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Reah Chakraborty

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