5 Stunning Anti-Aging Vitamins to stay young forever

5 Stunning Anti-Aging Vitamins to stay young forever

All of us wish to stay young for a really long time, and now there are 5 vitamins with anti-aging properties that can help us do just that! Wanna know more about these magic ingredients and how they work to keep you youthful? Take a quick look below to find out all about them and learn how to include them in your daily life for max results.

As we grow old, our body needs more nutrient intake because it can’t process the nutrients in a steady manner. Essential vitamins are great for health and our body constantly needs them throughout the lifetime. When we grow old, our body loses the ability to produce vitamins and subsequently produces only 40% of the required vitamins. However, these vitamins are found in vegetables, fruits and anti-aging serum.

Anti-aging vitamins are what we need to keep the skin from having fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Anti-aging vitamins, mineral, and other nutrients are crucial for maintaining health, wellness, and longevity and helps you fight premature ageing.

Listing the 5 essential vitamins that helps in fighting against aging factors.


Vitamin E-The dry-skin defender 

It’s known as a ‘beauty vitamin’ because it casts a positive impact on skin and hair. It has many anti-aging properties. Due to its antioxidant nature, it helps the skin retain moisture and it’s also used in sunscreen gel to get protection against the UVB rays. It protects the skin from harmful free radicals and a few types of cancer. You can find this vitamin in many skin care products.

It also prevents the decline of neurons in our brain as we grow old and prevents in blood clotting and heart stroke.

Main sources of Vitamin E


Corn, canola and soybean oil


Topical cosmetic applications

Green vegetables

Vitamin K-The dark circle fixer


Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is considered as an important ingredient in promoting beautiful and healthy skin. It also plays a vital role in tissue repair and cell growth. In this way, it helps in skin repairing, shedding and regeneration process. In addition to that, it also protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun, environmental pollution, and smoke.

According to medical science, vitamin K breaks down the tiny blood clots and constricts the capillaries that form the dark circles around the eyes.

It keeps the skin elastic and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Our body produces only a limited amount of vitamin K; however, if you consume it as multivitamin or supplement, or in a topical anti-aging night cream, it will greatly benefit you in dealing with many aging issues particularly the dark circles around the eyes.

These entire characteristics make the vitamin K nature’s an unsung anti-aging supplement.

Main sources of Vitamin K





Vegetable oils (Non-hydrogenated)

Vitamin C-The free radical killer


Vitamin C greatly helps in recovering and repairing the skin and tissue damage. Again, it protects your body from free radicals that we intake through radiation, pollution and cigarette smoke.

When it is applied topically, it helps to regenerate other anti-oxidants. Vitamin C also protects our skin against harmful UV rays and prevents cancer. Vitamin C not only enhances the production of collagen but it also improves firmness of the skin. You can use vitamin C serum to improve the skin’s health.

Main sources of Vitamin C

Fruits (pomegranate and guava)

Vegetables (potatoes and citrus)

Vitamin A-The wrinkle preventer


Vitamin A is a great source of antioxidants, which destroy the free radicals that fast-track the aging process. Retinol, found in anti-aging topical face products is a source of ready-to-use vitamin A. Again, it acts as a powerful anti-oxidant agent and helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of oxidation. As a result, it fixes skin degeneration and age-related diseases.

Like vitamin K, vitamin A is also useful in dark circles issue. When you apply an anti-aging cream or night repair serum containing vitamin A, it enhances the process of exfoliation whilst reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also prevents the effects of osteoporosis as we grow old. All in all, vitamin A is a perfect solution for sun damage and skin aging.

Main sources of Vitamin A

Fatty fish



Niacin-The hydration enhancer


Also known as vitamin B3, it possesses several anti-aging properties. Niacin enhances the skin’s ability to retain the moisture. In addition to that, it helps the skin to stay healthier by offering a protective barrier against foreign agents like viruses, bacteria, and other antigens. Even Scientific anti-ageing ingredients can help you look younger and beautiful.

It also reduces the arteries stiffness that may lead to stroke or heart attack. It helps in enhancing the good cholesterol (LDL or high-density lipoproteins) and reduces the triglycerides (blood fats responsible for high cholesterol levels).

Niacin deficiency results in the skin dryness. Dryness further causes the cracks in the skin, eventually resulting in premature aging. Niacin’s exfoliation characteristics help the skin to shed dead cells steadily and regenerate new cells. Don't forget to check our list of anti ageing foods.

Main sources of Niacin


Enriched bread





Final thought

Dermatologists, medical journals and the overall medical fraternity believe that these 5 essential vitamins play a key role in slowing down the aging process both in men and women. You can buy beauty products online containing vitamin A. So you must start taking these valuable vitamins and say goodbye to aging.

Jigyasha Jain

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