5 Common Underarm Problems & Their Solutions

underarm problems

Free yourself from sweaty armpits, Soothe your itchy underarms and Get rid of the dark patches on the skin.

Although there are hundreds of problems the human body goes through, the underarm problems is an ever-familiar and prevailing one. Armpits are prone to the existing problem due to its location and unhealthy habits. Have you ever felt the disgust right after an erratic foul smell around your underarms? Ever felt embarrassed to raise your hands in public to avoid the wet patch on your top or due to itchy underarms

Your body undergoes a lot of changes hormonally which then affects physically as well. Some changes might be in your favour and some like excessive sweating can just be the reverse of it. This article will tell you the most common underarm problems and their solutions that will help you for a lifetime.

Here are the 5 most common underarm problems and their solutions that you must be aware of to prevent your precious self.

 Sweaty armpits

Underarm problems- Sweaty Underarms


Sweating is an innate biological feature that cannot be avoided completely. Like every gland, the sweat glands significantly function in their own way. Despite that, sweaty armpits can be embarrassing and annoying. 

While sweating is necessary for your body, sweaty armpits are not always nicer to carry around. You would not want to end up in an office presentation with sweat stains on your shirt and awkwardly present your topic, would you? 


All you need to do to prevent sweaty armpits or Hyperhidrosis

  • Wait after you take a shower and before you dress. This will allow your body to become cool and prevent you from sweating right after the shower.
  • Consume sweat-reducing foods with high calcium content like dairy products, almonds, bananas, vegetables with more water content, oats, olive oil and sweet potatoes and much more. 
  • Water is the ultimate solution for every skin problem, induce in the habit of drinking as much as water you can and stay hydrated. 
  • Wear breathable clothes because tight clothes snug beneath your arms and that causes underarm stains.


 Dark patches on skin



Underarm problems- dark patches on skin

Dark underarms are normally genetical, darkens due to shaving, or can be a symptom of Acanthosis nigricans. Although the colour of your underarms like the rest of the body should be the same but most often due to the reasons and other external ones differ and this can be a cause of your worry and can stop you from wearing most of your favourite dresses. You can use Dot & Key Under Arm Products for best results.


  • Change in lifestyle and some home remedies work the best for darkening of underarms
  • Natural things like raw milk cleansing, using orange peel, applying papaya or potatoes, application of coconut oil or turmeric and such remedies are known to prevent dark patches on skin and lighten dark underarms naturally.
  • Use the Dot & Key underarm serum and mask which is produced for underarm whitening.
  • Consult a dermatologist if conditions worsen or if you find the skin thickening. 


 Itchy underarms

Underarm problems- Itchy Underarms



Armpit rash is a common problem and occurs due to various reasons like shaving, poor hygiene or some allergic reaction. Sometimes swelling, warmth, skin changes and others also lead to itchy underarms. It is a very common problem and is feasibly treatable except for some other extreme skin conditions such as Dermatitis which might urge you to consult a specialist. 


Usually, such itchy armpits are perfectly treatable with just proper hygiene and