12 Acne Myths That Must Be Busted

12 Acne Myths That Must Be Busted

Drinking tea will make your skin darker. The great wall of China is visible from space. Horizontal strip clothing makes you look flat. These are some of the myths that we all have come across. Myths are shared among so many people that eventually we start to believe them.

There are myths for every existing topic, including acne. Acne myths are skincare myths that people blindly follow because we usually do not consult a dermatologist for every skin problem. In such a scenario, it becomes important for one to be aware of these myths. Most of them are not just wrong but totally opposite to remedies.

  • Myth #1 – It’s your teenage years



Teenagers account for 85% of people who get acne. But that does not mean it cannot happen in adults or that they grow out of it. During puberty, an increase in the level of sex hormones triggers the oil glands to secrete excess oil which clogs pores and cause acne. But there are many other reasons for acne in spite of puberty such as hormonal increase during the menstrual cycle or an unhealthy diet. Therefore, acne can easily affect adults.

  • Myth #2 – Pop  that pimple


This is the worst advice anyone has ever given you. Popping pimples is not the answer to how to remove pimples. It just makes things worse because picking pimples introduces more bacteria and increases inflammation, leaving the skin with red marks.

  • Myth #3 – Eat what you want


It is believed that acne does not have anything to do with diet. But on the contrary, eating a high-carbohydrate diet, skim milk, iodine-containing food, and sugary dishes might aggravate acne.

  • Myth #4 – OMG! Makeup


Not applying makeup on acne-prone skin has been the cruelest myth ever. While it is sensible to not use oily products, it is also helpful to use products that are non-comedogenic or have salicylic acid and tea tree oil. This acne healing ingredients go a long way to not only remove acne, but also acne scars.

  • Myth #5 – Chuck the chocolates


While it is important to control your diet when you have acne. It is unnecessary to give up chocolates. The reason for that is because acne increases through the consumption of food with high glycemic index. Coco has a low glycemic index, but the sugar and milk do have a high glycemic index. So, it is better to take dark chocolates. Also, there is a myth that eating oily foods leads to acne.

  • Myth #6 – Stay away from those


Using a sunscreen, moisturizers and abrasive products does not affect acne. You should use the right sunscreen containing zinc oxide and free of chemicals like helioplex. For moisturizers, it is believed that they are not necessary as the skin in itself is secreting extra oil. But this is the total opposite because if you do not apply moisturizers, the skin will try to cope with it itself by increasing the oil production even more.

  • Myth #7 – Try simple DIY


Toothpaste can heal zits and chlorine helps to remove acne. These are also commonly followed myths. While toothpaste does have ingredients that can help in drying out pimples, it is not made for our skin. Thus, it causes rashes and irritation. Same is the case for chlorine, so don’t waste money on buying those extra pairs of swimsuits.The best you can do is try some home remedies like applying green tea, that actually helps to remove acne.

  • Myth #8 – Does it matter?


Hair care and stress do not affect acne is also widely said acne myth. Hair products containing oil causes acne when they make contact with the face. And washing your hair as required might help to prevent excess oil formation. It is also believed that acne is not caused by mental conditions like stress, however, stress causes hormonal changes which triggers oil formation in sebaceous glands, thus causing acne. Having a clear idea on what causes acne, will help you to understand how myths are understood.

  • Myth #9 – Blackheads are dirt



Normally, oil and dead cells are removed out of the skin through a natural process, but when that does not happen oil and dead cells clog pores to form blackheads. Thus, there is no question of blackheads being dirt.

  • Myth #10 – Wash it out


They will say you to wash your face your over and over, probably with an acne face wash. But over-washing does not help acne rather it makes matter worse. It ultimately dries the skin which secretes extra oil to form acne. It is advisable to wash your face twice daily.

  • Myth #11 – Go out, it is sunny


It is a myth that going out in the sun can remove acne. While exposure to the sun reduces inflammation, it does more harm than good. As it breaks the skin collagen and causes blackheads and scars.

  • Myth #12 – It takes time, honey


People usually wait for acne to run down its course and some may believe that it gets worse before it gets better. But, that’s an added inconvenience as there are now many precautions, home remedies, and products like acne face wash, acne serum and mask and essential oils available that reduces acne.

So, do not wait to make matters worse by blindly following myths, instead look for valid information and consult a dermatologist to help your skin from acne.

Jigyasha Jain

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