11 Ways in Which Vitamin C Can Save Your Skin

11 Ways in Which Vitamin C Can Save Your Skin

While everyone knows the advantages of incorporating vitamin C into their routines to improve immune function and to ward off scurvy, few understand how helpful it is for your skin. Since it’s the largest organ in the human body, vitamin C for skin is not only helpful - it’s pretty much essential.

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Also known as ascorbic acid, this naturally occurring chemical compound wears multiple hats as Vitamin C benefits the whole person. We’ve broken down the key benefits of this nutrient so that you can help your skin shine.


Vitamin C Benefits for Your Skin

Ranging from improved cellular health to astringent properties, both topical and vitamin C rich foods contribute to how amazing vitamin C for skin truly is. Let’s check out the advantages:

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  • Antioxidant: It’s no secret that one of the key vitamin C benefits is its natural antioxidant properties. Through its natural chemical structure, ascorbic acid works to rid your system of free radicals. These stray particles are credited with everything from long-term ailments to aging skin. Since your epidermis stretches over your entire body, it is one of the most vulnerable zones to free radicals. By incorporating vitamin C rich foods and using a topical as well, you give yourself the opportunity to avoid these pitfalls.


  • Evens Skin Tone: Everyone wants that smooth facial skin that comes with a consistent tone and color across the board. Vitamin C Serum helps you achieve this goal by working on the surface of your skin to level out discoloration on a cellular level. The Dot and Key Vitamin C Serum Concentrate is a popular option for this since, though it focuses on Vitamin C benefits, the vitamin C serum itself features a wide array of healthy ingredients to give you that desired skin tone.


  • Repair Scarring: Another key benefit of ascorbic acid, whether you get it through Vitamin C rich foods or from something like a Vitamin C serum, is the ability to repair scarring - especially scars from acne. The chemical’s naturally astringent properties get into your skin and tighten the cells to tone down scarring concerns.


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  • Brightens Skin: One main advantage of vitamin C for skin is that it brightens your overall appearance. Whether used topically or internally, the chemical serves to add a glow to your appearance thanks to its organic properties. Helping you shine in all situations; this is a major benefit for skin.


  • Triggers Healing: Since the skin’s so exposed to the elements, it gets damaged just by being out in the world. What we do about that damage, however, is entirely up to us. A popular way to manage it is through a night time face mask that heals while we sleep. Great for this is the Dot and Key Glow Vitamin C Sleep Mask. It works while you get some shut-eye to activate the natural healing abilities of your skin cells.


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  • Inhibits Melanin: No one enjoys dark spots and one of the best parts of Vitamin C for skin is that it not only helps prevent them, it can actually heal them as well. By inhibiting your body’s production of melanin, it gives you an even skin tone, free of spots so that you can feel good in your skin.


  • Prevents Aging: Though time impacts us all, when you use Vitamin C for skin, you can prevent some of the premature aging that results from pollution, dust, and debris in the air. The naturally astringent properties of the chemical meant that, whether internal or on the surface, it keeps your skin tight and free of lines.


  • Promotes Collagen: Working to plump up your skin, and further facilitating removal of lines, vitamin C helps you produce this chemical which improves the skin throughout your body (especially on your face).




  • Heals UV Damage: Anyone who gets a lot of sunlight understands the dangers of UV radiation. Even with sunscreen, it’s a risky road to take. Vitamin C can help you stave off the dangerous repercussions of ultraviolet radiation - especially when taken both topically and internally.


  • Smooths Features: Skin looks best when it smoothly flows from one part of the body to the other. This benefit speaks to the advantages it shows on your body’s skin. Enabling it to smooth out well, it keeps you looking young with tight, enviable skin.


  • Prevents Health Issues: Vitamin C is known for its inherent healing abilities and has been touted for its abilities to prevent large-scale health concerns like cancer. Since it works as an antioxidant, inhibits melanin, and heals UV damage, it addresses some of the underlying causes of skin disease making it a useful product overall.


Some Final Thoughts

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In terms of its ability to provide a broad array of health benefits, Vitamin C is an absolute essential in your skin-care regiment. Working to avoid long and short-term damage, it is nothing short of versatile. Unlike many other skincare items, ascorbic acid works both internally and on the surface. Of course, the best way to reap the full benefits of this helpful ingredient is to address both. So, make sure that you eat enough citrus fruit and couple that with a Vitamin C-focused skin care product. With these two powerhouse approaches working together, you are sure to achieve your skin care goals.

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