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Your skin absorbs the most moisture and nutrients while you are asleep. Overnight face masks give your skin the much needed nutrients it needs to heal and rejuvenate itself, all while your body rests. 


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Step 1: Begin with your usual night time skincare routine 

Step 2: As a final step, slather on a generous amount of the sleep mask and leave it on overnight.

Step 3: Wash in the morning 

Night time skincare is crucial for waking up to plump, rejuvenated skin. There is no better way to let your skin soak up some goodness than when your body is asleep. This overnight beauty kit includes:

Water Sleeping Mask

Hydrating hyaluronic, soothing chamomile and refreshing bulgarian rose reverse signs of damage and leave your skin looking plump and hydrated for hours.

Time Reverse Sleep Mask

Made with Pomegranate and Frankincense oil, this intense overnight therapy enhances skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Glow C Sleep Mask

  A rich source of Vitamin C from kakadu plum, pineapple and pumpkin oil, the sleep mask brightens the complexion, while improving skin elasticity, and preventing acne.


-Overnight face mask with bouncy, gel-like texture

-Improves skin elasticity, prevents acne and clears pores

-Antioxidant packed formula

-Powered by natural botanicals and ceramides

-Makes skin look plump, hydrated and supple in the morning

- Reverses daily wear and tear of skin while you sleep