Deep Exfoliate + Energizing Bubble Clay Mask

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Supercharged with Spearmint and African Blue Tansy, this clay mask bubbles up infusing oxygen into skin cells giving it a much needed breath of fresh air. Skin feels brighter, radiant and energized.


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1. Apply a thin layer of the bubble mask all over the face. 

2. Let it sit on for 3-5 minutes until bubbles start appearing. 

3. Gently massage to scrub away impurities. Rinse with water.

(Close the lid tightly after use)

This bubble mask is packed to the brim with the cell-energizing caffeine and kale. It effervesces into a thousand tiny bubbles on contact, to detoxify skin, allowing the pores to breathe. It works to infuse energizing oxygen into the skin cells, enhancing blood circulation and making skin feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated. Calming lavender and refreshing spearmint’s anti-inflammatory qualities soothe skin, while Kaolin and Bentonite Clays unclog pores, and flush out toxins and pollutants that latch onto skin. Blended into this is North African Blue Tansy, a natural aromatherapeutic super-oil and Hyaluronic Acid and together, they give skin a plump, radiant look. Perfect for ‘city-skin’ which is intoxicated by pollution, this awakening oxygen mask is a breath of fresh air. This cruelty free bubbling formula is sure to put you in a happy place.

- Product Volume : 80 g

- The Scent - Minty & refreshing

- The Texture - Thick creamy clay

- Makes Skin Feel - Clean & soft

- Makes Skin Look - Bright & nourished