Underarm Detox & Color Correction Mask

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Caring for sensitive underarms is easy with this deodorizing mask, which minimizes pigmentation, body odour and roughness to reveal soft, light, even toned skin.


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1. Apply a thick layer of the lightening mask to underarm skin. 

2. Leave on for 20 minutes.

3.  Gently rinse with water. 

4. For best results, use twice a week, followed by Dot & Key Underarm Colour Correction Serum (use daily).

There may be several reasons why underarms become darker and coarser with time, but there’s no reason that can’t be corrected. This detoxifying mask is specifically designed for tender underarm skin and eliminates pigmentation, discolouration and roughness of dark underarm skin.

Formulated with activated charcoal, jojoba and tea tree oils, it pulls out those dark, dead skin cells, dry sweat and accumulated impurities to reveal the lighter underarm skin underneath. Its calcium-vitamin complex helps restore the natural even tone of skin, not just making it lighter, but smoother and softer as well. With no nasty chemicals, it is safe and gentle on skin, free of side effects. The zesty peppermint and tea tree oils it contains deodorize effectively, fighting body odour, leaving skin feeling fresher, for longer. This is a quick little detoxifying treat – one that your underarms thoroughly deserve.

Dot & Key products are dermatologist tested, cruelty free, vegetarian friendly and free of parabens & sulphates.


- Product Volume : 100ml

- Detoxifying mask designed for underarm skin 

- Minimizes pigmentation and body odour

- With activated charcoal, peppermint and tea tree oils

- Clears dark, dead cells, dry sweat and impurities

- Results in smooth even toned underarms