Pore Decongesting + Detoxifying Charcoal Mousse Mask

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Activated charcoal cleans skin by drawing out dirt & impurities. Essential Oils detoxify & nourish the skin, leaving it feeling comfortably clean, & clear.


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1. APPLY- Slather an even layer of mask all over the face. 

2. RELAX - Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until dry. 

3. RINSE - Wash off with lukewarm water.

Dealing with stressed-out skin, pesky breakouts and uneven skin tone was never so easy. Now bid goodbye to blackheads and acne with Dot & Key Charcoal Clay Mask. With a luxurious mousse like texture, it comes with ultimate pore care and deep detoxifying enrichments. 

Impurity-absorbing activated charcoal draws out trapped dirt and toxins, providing relief to congested skin and giving it a more even, brighter appearance. Made with the goodness of eucalyptus and clary sage oils, this purifying charcoal mask works naturally to fight all skin enemies, thus reviving clear skin. Keeping acne at bay by shrinking and tightening pores, eucalyptus acts as a natural skin soother to reduce inflammation and irritation. Antioxidant rich clary sage oil strengthens sagging skin while constricting pores and balancing oil levels. The dual action of this potent botanical blend detoxifies and unclogs pores, clearing blackheads and whiteheads leaving complexion feeling clean and balanced. Layer up your face with this black charcoal face mask and watch your skin turn perfect.

- Product volume : 50ml

- Activated charcoal formula with mousse like texture

- Draws out trapped dirt and toxins to purify the skin

- Pore cleaner and blackhead removal face pack

- Tightens pores, reduces inflammation and irritation

- Balances oil level to prevent acne formation

- Clears and detoxifies congested skin