Your end-all be-all guide to Hyaluronic Acid

Your end-all be-all guide to Hyaluronic Acid

What is the foremost rule of skincare?

Hydration, definitely.

Now, what is the most talked about ingredient hailed for its hydration power?

Hyaluronic acid, obviously.

What is hyaluronic acid?

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a humectant, naturally produced by our body and found in the skin, connective tissue and eyes. The main function of hyaluronic acid is that it retains water to keep tissues lubricated and moist. Now, the astonishing fact about this little molecule is that one gram of it can hold up to six liters of water.


Fun facts about HA

hyaluronic acid



Hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge to pull in hydration and keep skin cells operating smoothly and efficiently. Our skin depends on hyaluronic acid’s function as a natural hydrator to draw in water to itself. 

The molecules of HA comes in different sizes and according to its size, it performs different functions. Smaller particles easily penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and assists in long term hydration, while larger particles stick closer to the surface to create an appearance of firmer skin. A formula of hyaluronic acid, must contain a combination of different sizes of molecules, so that the skin gets hydration at each level. 

There is a myth that states that in dry climate areas HA actually makes skin dry. So, because there is no water to pull in from the atmosphere, it pulls out moisture from the deeper layers of the skin. This is wrong, because HA does not work like that, it will just evaporate faster and you need an occlusive ingredient(moisture) to trap in hydration for longer hours. To know more about occlusive, head to this blog, explaining the difference between hydration and moisturization

What is the catch?


water drop

So, as mentioned above, our body naturally produces HA. The average human being has 15 gram of hyaluronic acid, but one-third of it gets degraded and synthesized on a daily basis. Moreover, the production also decreases as we age. So, apart from depending on our body to produce HA, we should also take it externally.

How can you take hyaluronic acid?

  • Supplements




Intake of hyaluronic supplements plays a crucial role in the production and protection of collagen. Collagen helps to tighten skin cells and tone down the appearance of loose, sagging skin in the form of wrinkles.  

  • Serum



Hyaluronic acid in serums is suitable because the formula is lightweight and fast absorbing. It is convenient to use and beneficial for skin’s resilience and firmness. HA coupled with natural moisturizing ingredients like Bulgarian Rose and Acai Berry goes a long way to keep skin bouncy and plump. 

  • Eye cream and eye mask


eye cream

Dark circles, puffiness or crow’s feet, the cause of all under eye problems can be related to dehydrated eyes. HA in eye cream hydrates the under eye area to stimulate the flow of blood cells and remove that bluish-green tired texture from under the eye.Curated with caffeine and HA , eye cream works as a wunderkind of skincare. Same goes for eye masks, that not only hydrates eyes, but instantly revives them with a cooling, soothing sensation. 

Points to remember when looking for HA skincare products:


plump skin

Hyaluronic acid from a vegan source is preferred

Avoid hyaluronic acid serums that also contain alcohol, parabens, sulfates, or other ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

What are the merits of HA?

The main reason why HA is important, is because it provides hydration. To know how and why hydration helps our skin, thus becomes important.

  • Plump, smooth skin


smooth skin

Water attracting magnet or moisture binding molecule, hyaluronic acid has been given many honorary titles by the skincare industry due to its hydrating powers. It secures water to skin tissues, thus making our skin appear respectively more bouncy and glowing.

  • Wrinkle free skin


clear skin

The production of hyaluronic acid slows down as we age, but through external intake and application, it will help to reverse the signs of ageing. It boosts the production of collagen to fill out wrinkles and fine lines. 

  •  Dewy eyes 


dewy eyes

As hyaluronic acid has excellent  moisture holding capacity, it keeps eyes lubricated. HA  also cures dry eyes and under eye problems like dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet and dull, sunken eyes. 

So, try HA rich skincare, the next time you shop and before you ask, it is completely safe to be used for all skin types. Tell us what are your go-to hydrating ingredients are and how they have helped you.

Happy Hydration! 

Jigyasha Jain

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