Your Absolute Guide To The Best Sunscreen

Your Absolute Guide To The Best Sunscreen

With summers around the corner, you’re probably worrying about the amount of tan your body is going to get exposed to. The most dramatic concept of ‘Tall, dark and handsome’ is not something Indians like to abide by. Unlike the Western countries, tanning is considered more as a curse than a boon. However, it’s humanely impossible to play dodge ball with the sun. In situations like this, what’s your best bet on protecting your skin while walking merrily in the sun? Sun Protection Cream or in basic terms, a sunscreen.

How To Choose The Right Sunscreen


This has been one of the most popular dilemmas about sunscreens. Protecting your skin from the sun goes far beyond simply slathering on sunscreen. While this is undoubtedly a first and important step in your skin-care routine, not all sunscreens are created equal. Some come in higher SPFs, which determine how long they protect your skin from the sun, different PA ratings, as well as a variety of ingredients.

There are two types of radiations that we need to protect our skin from - UVA and UVB rays. Both are detrimental to your skin.

UVB rays are responsible for causing sunburn. The UVB rays also play the greatest role in causing skin cancers, including the deadly black mole form of skin cancer (malignant melanoma). UVA rays also play a role in skin cancer formation. In addition, the UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin and play a greater role in premature skin aging changes, including wrinkle formation (photoaging). There are approximately 500 times more UVA rays in sunlight than UVB rays. Therefore, in addition to protecting your skin from the effects of UVB rays, it is also very important to protect from the damaging effects of the more numerous UVA rays. A broad spectrum, oil-free and non-sticky sunscreen is your best choice. Transparent Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 with a PA +++ is a brilliant pick.

Choices Of Sunscreens For Various Skin Types


  • For sensitive skin – Look for PABA free, Oil free, fragrance free, chemical free and mineral based sunscreen. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide set on the skin, instead of getting absorbed.
  • For acne-prone skin – Opt for light-weighted, oil free and non-comedogenic sunscreens that do not clog the pores, with avobenzone.
  • For dry skin – You must go for hydrating substances like aloe, glycerin, etc that doesn’t make your skin flaky. Alcohol containing sprays and gels are a big NO.
  • For oily skin – Water based and gel based sunscreens are the best sunscreens for you. Non-comedogenic and mineral oil-free are your lookouts.

Types Of Sunscreens


Normally, sunscreens were cream based which were considered to be heavy-weighted. However, gel-based sunscreens are light weight and cause no fuss on the skin. Nowadays, sunscreen sprays are also getting popular and it is safe and super easy to use.

Applying sunscreen every 4 hours is the most efficient way to get the perfect results. There are other ways to protect your skin from sun too, but sunscreens add the most to it.

Follow these simple steps to pick your sunscreen, and the summer sun won’t be that terrible, we promise! In fact, it can even become your best friend. You can flaunt your favorite tank top or a noodle strap top without the fear of getting tanned or the sun burning your skin.

Go girls! Get your summer joy right away!

Jigyasha Jain

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