Vitamin C for your Skin- Guide to a perfect Skin Care Routine

Vitamin C for your Skin- Guide to a perfect Skin Care Routine

Monsoon is here and, with it, comes the Vitamin C skincare trend! The super ingredient makes spotless skin a close reality. So, how can you incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare routine?


You will find the humble Vitamin C added to several skin care products- serums, toners, masks, moisturizers and cleansers. How do you know what to choose and when to use it? In this blog, we will discuss how you can be building Vitamin C into your skincare routine.  Read on to find out!

Exploring Vitamin C and its benefits

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that promotes the preparation and growth of our body tissues, including the skin tissues. However, our body cannot produce Vitamin C naturally and depends on external sources like fruits, vegetables and supplements for the nutrient.


Our skin also needs Vitamin C for maintaining its youthful vitality. But, the skin absorbs only a tiny portion of the nutrient from what we eat. Vitamin C skin care products are the best topical way to introduce the essential nutrient to your skin.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help your skin look healthier. It shields your skin from free radical damage, enhances collagen production and treats uneven skin tone.


It is why Vitamin C is a potent ingredient in your skin care products. When applied topically, Vitamin C has the potential to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also protects the skin against damages from pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun!



Vitamin C Benefits:

●       Stimulates collagen synthesis for improving the quality and texture of the skin

●       Reduces brown spots and hyperpigmentation by controlling   production

●       Slows down visible appearance of ageing



Now, you know why your daily skincare routine should be chock-a-block with Vitamin C goodness. 


How to use skincare products with Vitamin C?


When to use Vitamin C in your skincare routine? The answer is every day! Its versatility makes it perfect for both daytime and nighttime skincare routines.


As mentioned above, a variety of products starting from cleansers to sleeping masks are enriched with Vitamin C. You can follow these steps to get the most of the nutrient in your daily skincare:


C for Cleansing


Introduce a Vitamin C facial cleanser into your routine. They are safe to use daily and can give your skin a healthy glow. Remember to follow this up with gentle exfoliation. Vitamin C works best on exfoliated skin! The build-up of dead cells prevents the absorption of the nutrient, rendering it ineffective.





Don’t Forget the Toner


Vitamin C toners are amazing for soothing your skin! Not only that, they tighten the pores and balances the pH levels of the skin. Vitamin C toners are also great for creating a smooth and radiant complexion.


Mask it with Clay


A clay mask with Vitamin C is best to prep your skin for Vitamin C treatment. For instance, the Vitamin C Glow Pink Clay Mask from Dot & Key is a great combination of the benefits of a clay mask with Vitamin C.


Clay masks are great for removing impurities from the skin while also hydrating it. The added benefit of Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin while hydrating the skin cells from deep within. Typically, leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water!


Serum with C


Vitamin C serums are the most common and effective among skincare products with Vitamin C.

Serums are super hydrating and are the best way to introduce the antioxidant to your skin. Vitamin C serums like the Glow Reviving Vitamin C serum contain Vitamin C concentrates for nourishing your skin and improving its texture.


Vitamin C serums work wonders for improving radiance, reducing fine lines and fading dark spots.


The C Supplements


Another quick yet effective way to introduce Vitamin C to your skincare routine is with supplements. Vitamin C supplements can help heal damaged skin tissues. They also aid collagen synthesis that helps your skin maintain a healthy, youthful exuberance.


A Vitamin C skin care supplement like IKWI Glow Meltables can add to the results of your daily C infused skincare! The easy Glow Meltables with Vitamin C has powerful antioxidants that brighten skin and work as an anti-ageing solution. 


What skincare combination works best with your Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is known to be unstable in liquid format and prone to oxidation. It is why Vitamin C is paired with other antioxidants like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid. Combining the nutrient with these complementing ingredients increases the effectiveness and stability of Vitamin C.


So what combinations should you avoid with Vitamin C?

While the above ingredients pair best with Vitamin C, you should avoid combining the potent ingredient with glycolic or salicylic acid. These are acidic and can alter the pH balance of Vitamin C, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

It is also best to avoid benzoyl peroxide and retinol when using Vitamin C. These ingredients reduce the potency of vitamins and can lead to skin irritations. You can include Vitamin C in your morning skincare ritual and shift the retinol to your night-time skincare routine.


Choosing the right concentration of Vitamin C for your skincare


Vitamin C skin care products come in different concentrations, ranging from 10% to 30%. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to opt for products with lower concentration. Most facial gels and moisturizers have a low concentration of Vitamin C.


It is always advisable to patch test a new skincare product on your wrist before applying it to the face. Those new to the super ingredient should also start with a lower concentration to avoid skin irritations.


Taking care of your Vitamin C skin care product

Many users complain of oxidation of their Vitamin C skin care products. It’s true! Contact with light and air fastens the oxidation process and degrades the Vitamin C in your skincare product into erythrulose. Erythrulose is an ingredient commonly found in self-tanners! Oxidized Vitamin C skincare products can give your skin an unwanted tan and cause breakouts. 


Hence, it’s crucial to keep your Vitamin C skincare products away from direct sunlight. Store them in dark opaque bottles in the shade and fasten the caps tightly after every use to increase shelf life! 


Answering the C-questions


Should I wear sunscreen with my Vitamin C serum?

A common mistake repeated by Vitamin C enthusiasts is leaving out the sunscreen. Yes, Vitamin C protects your skin from sun damage but it does not prevent it. In fact, it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun! So, layer your skin with SPF before using your Vitamin C serum. 


Does Vitamin C suit everyone?

Although most experts agree that Vitamin C is safe for all skin types, people with hypersensitive and oily skin can experience certain side effects. These side effects include redness, itchiness and breakouts. But that is very uncommon and entirely depends on people to people



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