Tips To Protect Colored Hair Against Pool Chemicals

Tips To Protect Colored Hair Against Pool Chemicals

How to protect colored hair while swimming

Of all the hair-related issues swimmers face, dried-out hair and green hair tint are pretty common. However, if your hair is dyed, it is really necessary to know how to protect hair while swimming. The chlorine, copper, water, sun, and other chemicals can fade or otherwise affect the colored hair. Let me share some cool tips to help you protect your hair while swimming. These tips will help to maximize the return on your time and cash investments in color treatments. You could safely avoid repeat trips to the salon for touch-ups, for which the cost really adds up.

Let’s review these swimming skin protection tips.

  • Apply a color-hair protection spray :

Colored hair requires a lot of care specially if you've dyed your hair recently. So while colored hair looks pretty in the short-term, it significantly suffers in the long-term. Take your hair nourishment up a notch and apply a colored hair protection spray - it's well worth the investment. Make sure you step out of your house after applying hair serum which is already pre-loaded with sunscreen.

  • Apply a pre-swimming conditioner : 

Swimming water has chlorine in it to keep it free from bacteria which protects human bodies from hazardous bacteria. It is a must to apply a conditioner before you enter the pool, to protect your colored hair.

  • Use top-quality dyes :

Top quality dye stays longer and protect hair against foreign elements. Low quality dyes often causes hair breakage and your hair also becomes dry. If you have swimming plans, wait for 2 to 3 days after coloring to go swimming. Apply hair conditioner and hair serum religiously to soften your hair.

  • Soak your hair before entering into the pool :

Thoroughly soak your hair with fresh water before swimming. If your hair is already saturated, they will not absorb much chlorine, or other similar chemicals of the pool water. Also, immediately after the swimming, rinse your color-treated hair off. Apply a good chlorine removal spray post swimming to prevent hair from extremely drying out.

  • Oiling hair :

If you’re the person who doesn’t mind getting a little messy, you can cover your hair with a thin coating of olive oil, argan oil, or coconut oil before swimming. Oils are very beneficial for your hair as it provides your hair with the due nourishment. It creates an artificial barrier between your hair and the water. It locks the colored hair and prevents it against water chemicals etc. If oiling is not your cup of tea, then applying a hair serum is a must for you.

  • Use color-protection shampoos :

Wash your hair with a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for the treatment of chlorine, copper, bromine or other harmful chemicals. Such a treatment also helps to keep your colored hair healthy and shiny.

  • Wear a swim cap :

Whether you swim in a pool or outdoors, wear a swim cap to protect your colored hair. It will help to minimize water related problems.

  • Taking precaution is always recommendable :

-Beside, apply a deep conditioner made for colored hair once a week.

-Never use hot water to wash, soak or rinse your hair. It results in fading of the colored hair.

-When you’re in a hot tub, try to keep your hair out of water.

-When you’re on a beach or poolside, try to protect your hair from an extended or prolonged direct sun exposure.

-Copper is responsible for green hair tint. If you treat your own pool, use copper-free algaecide.

Jigyasha Jain

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