Your Face Wash is Not Enough to Remove Makeup

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Makeup is art that can transform your look to a whole new level of brilliance. But everything has it's downside, and so does makeup! Getting rid of all that makeup after a long and exhausting day can be a drag. That being said, you’ll be amused to know the wonders your makeup remover can do. You don’t believe what you just read? Well then, get ready for a few more surprises as you’ll learn about the importance of cleaning your face.

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This little step before you hit the pillow can save you from numerous skin problems, such as breakouts, ageing, allergies and irritation.

There will be days when your signature winged liner and heavy waterproof matte lipstick just won’t leave you unless you rinse it off five times and scrub vigorously. In order to keep away from such situations, it is important to pick the right makeup remover. A makeup remover that will not just remove your makeup but also keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

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Sleeping with makeup on is probably one of the biggest mistakes made by most of us. Your makeup contains chemicals that causes your skin to breakout overnight. So before you choose to skip cleansing and getting rid of all the makeup, here’s a reminder that a makeup remover can save your skins life.

Advantages of removing your makeup the right manner

A makeup remover cleanses the surface of your skin

Woman Checking Her Face Skin By Touching With Hands

Our skin is exposed to UV rays, pollution, dust and makeup on a daily basis. Precisely, why you need to cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed and the first step towards cleansing is removing your makeup. Your makeup remover will help you get rid of all the impurities and dirt that is resting on the surface of your skin.

Goodbye, blemishes

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Removing your makeup the right manner religiously, every night, before going to bed reduces the risk of developing pimples, redness, rashes, blackheads and any kind of recurring blemish that can bring your skin game down. For supple skin, it is important to include a makeup remover in your skin care regime.

For this very reason, in order to save your skin from all that trouble, it is ideal that you maintain a solid daily skincare routine that includes hydrating and moisturizing your skin before applying all the makeup as well as during the makeup removal process. This will not only improve the health of your skin, but also will help it glow, all day, every day.

However, we all make mistakes in removing our makeup to find quicker ways to get it over with.

The main mistake being substituting a makeup remover with a face wash. Well, your face wash alone is not enough! A face wash may remove the makeup to a certain extent but will never penetrate up to the skin layers beneath, and that’s the root cause of most skin damage. A makeup remover, on the other hand, gets rid of all the impurities settled deep within the skin.

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The next major mistake is removing eye makeup vigorously, considering that the area around your eye is the thinnest and most sensitive, it is important to treat it with utmost care. Tugging, pulling your skin, rubbing the area to get rid of your eye makeup can cause wrinkles.

Lastly, ignoring the corners of your eye. The edges of your lids are where your eyeliner, kajal and mascara meet. Ignoring this area means increasing the chances of product build up that could lead to serious eye infections.

Paying no heed to the importance of cleaning your face is something very natural to a lot of us, but we need to ensure that cultivating a strong skincare regimen holds great value to our skin in the long run.

Now for all those who’ve been doing it wrong, here’s a step by step process on how to remove makeup smoothly –

1. Wash your hands
Washing Hands Under The Tap

The bacteria and germs on your hands can easily transfer to your face which is why it is ideal to wash your hands before touching your face.

2. Use a cotton pad
Cotton Pad Kept Inside A Glass Jar Beside A Indoor Plant Pot

A cotton pad will ease the make removal process. All that’s need to be done is soaking the cotton pad in the makeup remover you use and get rid of all the makeup.

3. Avoid rigorous brushing
Woman Cleaning Face With Cotton Pad

Sweep the cotton pad gently over your face and avoid rubbing harshly. Rigorous rubbing can cause your skin to age faster.

4. Wipe away any residual product
Woman Removing Makeup By Cotton Pads

Once you’ve been able to get rid of all the makeup and impurities, take a clean, soft facecloth, rinse it under hot water to wipe away any residual product from your face.

5. End it with a toner
Toner With Fruity Presentation

Ending the cleansing process with a toner restores your skin’s pH balance, it controls excess oil and helps eliminate breakouts. Toner preps your skin for moisturizer.

Pretty surprising, isn’t it?

Dot And Key Melt Away Makeup Remover Balm Best In India

Keeping all of the above in mind, Dot & Key presents to you Melt Away Makeup Remover Balm, a specially formulated makeup remover. The coconut, almond, macadamia and argan oils it contains nourishes and hydrates skin deeply. Made with zero nasty chemicals, this makeup remover balm cum facial cleanser is completely safe and gentle on your complexion. So you can enjoy the makeup, and the feeling of clean, healthy skin after.

Now cleaning your face at the end of the day needn’t be a chore.

Which is certainly why, selecting the right makeup remover suited to your skin needs is the most important aspect in one’s daily skin care routine.

Bye bye, blemishes. Welcome healthy skin!

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