Things To Remember Pre and Post Swim

Things To Remember Pre and Post Swim

Chilling by the lovely pool with a refreshing cooler is the finest way to enjoy the season.

However, spending too much time in the pool causes more than just pruney fingertips! For instance, ever had itchy skin after swimming in a pool? Then you've already had "scaly mermaid" skin. 

While chlorine's harsh effects on the scalp (and its terrible habit of turning your hair green) receive all the attention, it turns out that pool chemicals can be equally harsh on your skin. 

While giving up the pool isn't something we're looking forward to, these pre and post swimming skincare tips will visibly decrease, if not eliminate, the bad effects on the skin. 

How to  Take Care of Your Skin Pre and Post Swim! 

SPF protection is essential whether you're swimming in direct sunlight or the early hours of the morning. Apply a water-resistant sunscreen cream 15 minutes before heading to the pool. 

While there isn't much you can do to avoid the dryness produced by chlorine, you can top up your sunscreen with a moisturizer that will function as a barrier between your skin and the chlorine.

Similarly, spending too much time in the pool can steal moisture from hair. Experts recommend soaking your hair with regular water and adding a leave-in conditioner before swimming. Also, don't forget to use a swimming cap to keep your hair from getting into direct contact with the water as much as possible! 

Pre and Post Swimming Skin Care Tips You Need to Follow

Keep these tips in mind to protect your skin and hair from pool damage. 

  • Use a barrier spray to prep your skin

Chlorine is added to swimming pools to clean them and to prevent the spread of bacterial, viral, and protozoan infections. However, due to its caustic nature,it can lead to dermatitis. 

Dermatologists recommend using a barrier, either in the form of a cream or a spray for skin before entering the pool to avoid itching and redness. 

Look for products that list glycerin, oils, or petrolatum as ingredients. It's even better if it contains dimethicone, which produces a barrier between the chlorine and your sensitive skin. Try a Pre Swim Spray for skin & hair to protect them in this hot summer. 

  • Pre-soak your hair and skin before swim

You should rinse your hair and skin thoroughly before entering the pool. Yes, most places require you to shower before entering the pool. Don't neglect this crucial step, and make sure your hair and skin are properly soaked. Your skin cells will absorb less chlorinated water once they are properly soaked

Don’t wait to take a shower until you get home. Take a quick dip immediately after your pool time! Do not leave chlorinated water on your skin for an extended amount of time. Use a gentle cleanser or body wash in the locker room to restore the skin's pH balance after exposing your skin to pool chemicals. 

  • Don't let yourself air dry

After a refreshing swim, you might be tempted to sunbathe for a while. Well, that's not the best option! There is a common notion that air-drying is good for your skin, but this is just not true.

Air-drying will cause further skin dryness. Instead, rinse it with clean water and dry yourself with a cotton towel. After that, it's time to resume sunbathing—after reapplying SPF, of course. 

  • Consider moisturizer as your buddy

If your skin still feels dry or flaky when you get home from the pool, slather on some moisturizer or ointment. This will help restore moisture to your skin and make it soft and nourished. 

How is Dot & Key Pre Swim Skin And Hair Spray your savior this summer? 

This amazing spray will make your skin and hair happy. It gives your skin and hair long-lasting anti-chlorine protection against pool chemicals, UV rays, and saltwater damage. 

It comes with SPF 30 or more that develops a protective coating on skin and hair to keep them from becoming damaged.

The spray prevents pool chemicals and harsh UV rays from destroying the moisture balance, protecting you from dryness, irritation, chlorine odor, and pool rash for up to 120 minutes.

With a delightful zesty smell of bergamot and lime, this special formulation is also ideal for color-treated hair. 

Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Dampen your hair pre-swim

Step 2: Spray it generously on your skin and hair

Step 3: Reapply the spray after two hours, if necessary

You can take a shower after applying this spray and before entering the pool. 

The bottom line 

Don’t let chlorine and chemicals spoil the fun of summer pool parties. Keep pre and post swimming skincare tips handy to prep your skin and hair pre-swim and pamper it with care, post pool session. You can also use our Pre Swim Spray for amazing skin and wonderful pool memories. 

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