9 Reasons Why You Should Use Face Masks

Why You Should Use Face Masks

Face masks are one of the most popular skin-care treatments for your skin. An effective face mask delivers moisture to your skin and helps in reducing fine lines. They also help in pulling out impurities and improving the appearance of pores.

Introducing a face mask in your weekly skin-care routine can do wonders for your face. Read on to find the best reasons to use face masks:

1. Deep Cleansing Your Skin

Lady with face pack on her face for deep cleansing

Although using a cleanser daily keeps impurities from piling up on your skin, they are not effective against cleansing deep into the pores. Using a face mask weekly can significantly extract dirt attached deep in the outer layer of your skin.

Additionally, face masks get rid of dead skin and help in detoxifying your skin. Regularly cleansing your skin with a face mask leads to a smooth and radiant complexion.

2. Relaxation & De-stressing

Lady with Skincare Products Relaxing and De-stressing

Apart from improving the overall appearance of your skin, face masks have a significant effect on your mental well-being. They provide an instant spa experience to lift your spirits.

Aromatic oils present in the face mask helps you in relaxing your mind by melting the stress away. They can be therapeutic by providing the much needed "me" time to unwind from routine life.

3. Stimulating Blood Circulation

A Lady with Face pack on her face

Another reason to use face masks is that they help in boosting the blood circulation on your face. The peel-off mask dries and hardens on your skin. The process of removing the face mask stimulates and expands the blood vessels in your skin.

As a result, more blood flows through your face providing it increased nutrition. Since your skin gets more nutrition, it has a refreshed appearance and improvement in the overall skin tone.

4. Unclogging Pores of the Skin

Lady with Face pack for unclogging the pores

As pollutants keep settling on the skin, they are pushed deeper down and are trapped into the pores. These impurities can lead to the growth of bacteria, which results in the appearance of acne or uneven patches.

Dot & Key's Pollution + Acne Defense Green Clay Mask is one such effective product to protect your skin from pollutants. It consists of stimulating botanicals like eucalyptus and neem oil to reduce the appearance of pimples.

5. Hydrates Face Pack for Dry Skin

Lady with Face pack for better hydration

Many face masks combine the benefits of a face mask with hydrating agents for deep cleansing and boosting skin radiance. These face packs for dry skin flood the skin with moisture and keep it hydrated.

Additionally, overnight sleeping masks with gel-like texture reverses the effect of pollution and make your skin look plump in the morning. Dot & Key’s Skin Plumping Water Sleeping Mask is one such face pack for dry skin. It contains hyaluronic acid to infuse moisture on your skin while you sleep.

6. Reduces Skin Imperfections

Weekly use of face masks ensures that your skin appears flawless. As they remove dirt and bacteria settled deep inside the skin, your face gets a healthy, glowing, and even-tone appearance. A charcoal face mask balances the oil secretion on the acne-prone skin.


For example, Dot & Key's Glow Reviving Vitamin C Pink Clay Mask is induced with hydration agents like vitamin C and vitamin A. Its antioxidant-rich formula clears pigmentation and brightens complexion.

7. Provides Instant Result

Lady with face pack and lemon

One more reason to use face masks is that they provide immediate improvements. Unlike most of the skincare products, you don't have to use a face mask continuously to get the desirable results.

Face masks have the power to make your skin look better by deep cleansing and removing impurities from your skin.

8. Targeted Action

Lady with face pack patches

Numerous options in face masks give you the freedom to choose the right one for the unique needs of your skin. For example, the coarse texture of a charcoal face mask exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells.

Similarly, clay masks deep cleanses your skin by absorbing excess oil and unclogging the pores. The peel-off mask minimizes the appearance of blackheads and is most suited for dry skin.

9. Better absorption of Other Cosmetics

Lady with face cream for skin hydration

Think of face masks as a supplement to your other skincare products. Deep cleansing and unclogging by charcoal-based peel-off face mask ensures that the hydrating or toning serums and other products are absorbed better in your skin. As a result, these products perform better and produce faster results.

Face-Off with a Gorgeous You
Happy Male and Female Face with Skincare product

Face masks are an effective skin-care treatment for every skin type. They are super easy to apply and produce instant results. It’s high time you appreciate these reasons to use face masks in your skin-care routine. 

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