9 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip the Skin Toner

Why You Should Not Skip the Skin Toner

 There is one product in your daily skincare routine which can give you a major advantage against pollution and other impurities: toner. Many of us often skip it but when we tell you today the importance of toner for skin, we bet you can’t think of your beauty routine again without this product.

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Here are nine reasons why you should never do away with your face toner as it is a secret weapon to healthy clear skin. We’ll also share some simple skin recipes so that you can make your own toner or DIY toner at home.

1. It Restores the pH Balance of Your Skin
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The optimal pH for your facial skin is 5.5. Pollution and other cosmetic factors misbalance the level, making the skin either too oily or dry, ripping it off its healthy and radiant look. A good face toner helps you regulate the pH balance of your skin which is the first step towards keeping your skin on the right track.
Make a simple DIY toner by straining ½ cup dried rose buds from 1 cup hot filtered water which you have let sit together for 1-2 hours. This homemade toner is suitable for all skin types and you can apply it twice a day on your face.

2. It Protects and Eliminates Impurities
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Besides toxic fumes and other air pollutants, there are many other contaminants that your skin is daily exposed to.
For example, during the hot and humid months, sweat causes detrimental effects on the skin triggering breakouts. Sunblock makes it worse as it is heavy on the skin and when left on for too long without proper cleansing, it aides clogging of pores when mixed with sweat.
Similarly, the tap water that you wash your face with is also not free of pollutants. The chemicals and minerals in the water can dry out your skin.
This is where a toner can be a skin savior, whether it is a formulated product bought over the counter or a simple homemade toner. It helps remove the leftover dirt, grime, and all traces of pollutants after you cleanse your skin, and close the cell gaps by tightening the pores. As a result, it also minimizes the chance of impurities to penetrate the skin.
3. It Slows Down Skin Ageing
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One of the amazing benefits of this skin product that we will highlight now when talking about the importance of toner for skin is its anti-ageing properties. Today’s toners are loaded with rich ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, acids, and essential oils that help hydrate and repair skin tissues, accelerate cell regeneration, boost moisture, nourish, and maintain its youthfulness.
That’s not all! A toner also prepares your pores to absorb nutrients better. Whatever you apply after a toner to complete your skincare routine, be it a face serum, moisturizer, or night cream, it makes the skin more receptive and gives you better results. So, never skip this step before going to bed!
4. It Assists Exfoliation 
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Another plus of today’s toners is that they help remove dead skin and restore natural radiance. These products consist of acids such as salicylic, hydroxy, fruit acids, or glycolic acids that micro-peel dead skin cells and improve skin texture with regular use. Exfoliating toners like this product help get rid of excess sebum production, impurities, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten the complexion.
5. It Controls Oil and Acne
If you have oily skin, using a toner for oily skin is a must since it controls sebum or oil secretion and minimizes the chances of dirt accumulation and clogging of pores. It also prevents acne as your skin remains clean and clear.
You can make a simple toner for oily skin at home with 1 cup of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to try out the effectiveness.
6. It Refreshes and Hydrates Your Skin
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Toners now are infused with beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to keep your skin moisturized and maintain its elasticity. We found the best toner for dry skin. The special alcohol-free formulation loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients along with Bulgarian rose and acai berry extracts makes it the best toner for dry skin to try out.
7. It Prevents Ingrown Hairs
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As toners keep your pores clean and breathable, they leave little room for ingrown hairs. Exfoliating toners work best for eliminating ingrown hairs!
8. It Addresses Skin Concerns
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With pretty advanced formulas for every type of skin, a face toner helps treat your specific skin problems, be it dark spots, pigmentation, acne, redness, or large pores. You just need to find the right product for your skin.
9. It Helps Remove Makeup Residues
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We can’t miss out on this benefit when discussing the importance of toner for skin. You can get rid of all the makeup traces trapped in the pores and around the hairline with a swipe of toner that your cleanser is incapable of doing alone!

Now that you know the importance of toner for skin, we hope you will never skip using a face toner again. Make your own toner or grab a specially-formulated one for your skin type to get that dream glow and youthfulness for years to come.

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