Lavender oil- The Power of Purple Flower

Lavender oil- The Power of Purple Flower

When we think of luxurious spa experiences, we think of plump moisturized skin, a glistening mane and absolutely divine fragrances that soothe and relax our senses to another level.
If only that was possible every day at home, right? With essential oils, it is possible! Lavender oil, with its therapeutic anti-septic properties, works like a miracle for mind, skin, and hair.


How is lavender useful?


Lavender essential oil works as a powerful elixir. If you thought, those gorgeous purple flowers were only for bouquets and potpourri, read on!

  • Acne

Because of its potent anti-bacterial properties, Lavender in your creams and skincare products can kill the bacteria that cause acne. It also reduces acne scars by reducing inflammation.

Not just acne, the antibacterial nature of Lavender inhibits skin fungal infections too!

  • Skin Irritation

Due to our daily rigmarole, our skin often faces issues like bruises, razor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Lavender, again to the rescue! Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties along with its ability to increase blood circulation are so beneficial for these concerns. It heals the skin from within.

For more irksome skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, Lavender oil works as an effective natural remedy.

  • Sunburn and Pigmentation

As it increases blood circulation and mitigates inflammation, Lavender helps reduce the appearance of blotches or discoloration of skin tone.

Lavender’s antioxidant and skin soothing qualities help with tanned skin and sunburns. It reduces the redness as it promotes the healing of the damage caused to the skin due to excessive sun exposure.

  •  Wrinkles

The primary cause of wrinkles is free radicals in skin cells. Lavender’s antioxidant molecules combat these free radicals to protect your skin from its damaging effects.

  •  Hair Care


Lavender essential oil promotes hair growth and even helps people suffering from severe alopecia or hair loss.

Phew! These are just a few of the benefits of Lavender, for skin and hair. Besides, Lavender essential oil is known to help relieve stress, soothe body aches, promote good sleep, aid in digestion, help with premenstrual pains – the list goes on.


 How to incorporate Lavender in your beauty regime?


Now, here is the tricky part. As we’ve already mentioned, Lavender and all other essential oils are very concentrated and very potent plant extracts. Therefore, caution needs to be exercised while using them. Direct and undiluted application on the skin or hair may cause more damage than good.

Then how do you reap all its amazing benefits without breaking your skin or getting a severe allergic reaction?

It’s quite simple, actually.

Look for products that have lavender as a key ingredient. This ensures proper absorption of the Lavender in its diluted form. it does not cause irritation or allergies

There are some great moisturizers for skin and body out there that derive lavender essential oils through safe extraction processes. These products have all the goodness of lavender and other natural active ingredients, without any harmful chemicals.

Face serums and face moisturizer containing lavender helps in calming anxiety and rejuvenating the skin. Apart from that, its soothing fragrance is also used in foot cream and hand cream. it is also used for medicinal purposes.

So, choose the right product that suits your skin and let the lingering fragrance of Lavender pamper your skin and your senses like an indulgent trip to a luxurious spa!

Jigyasha Jain

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