Is Vitamin C The Solution To Your Oily Skin Problems? 

Is Vitamin C The Solution To Your Oily Skin Problems? 

It's summer again! And if there is one thing that has made a comeback with the hot and humid weather, its ‘Oily Skin’! Oily skin causes many skin concerns along with confusion about what might work or not. In that case, “is vitamin C good for oily skin?” is a vague question for most people who have oily skin. 

It is no secret that consuming vitamins can do wonders for the human body. And for quite some time now, Vitamin C, a buzzword word in today's realm of skincare products, does wonders for the skin. So, Yes vitamin C is a sure shot ingredient for all skin type problems. 

What makes skin oily?

Balanced oil also called sebum secretion by the sebaceous gland works as a natural moisturiser. But when it is produced more than the skin needs, it leaves skin looking greasy, dull and vulnerable to skin inflammation.

Oily skin can be hereditary, because of an unhealthy diet routine and/or hormonal imbalance. In all of these cases the skin problems are the same: breakouts, clogged pores, skin inflammation, acne, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, etc.

Why Vitamin C?

There is a popular saying that Vitamin C is a jewel in skin care regimes. In addition to its nutritional benefits, it is also effective in dealing with a host of skincare problems. This truly dynamic vitamin has many benefits for the skin. And in addition to its multitude of benefits, it also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C is one of the most available and well-researched skingredient that is currently available. But what really sets it apart from other ingredients is the fact that it works for practically every skin type. Besides being a natural skin brightener, it also uplifts the skin by increasing its elasticity.

Additionally, Vitamin C is also functional in countering skin damaging chemicals, also known as free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for breaking the collagen, which are responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. The antioxidants present in Vitamin C counter free radicals thereby preventing the formation of dark spots, blemishes and more.

Most importantly, Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory. Skincare products infused with Vitamin C are great for soothing inflamed skin. This makes it ideal for people having acne concerns and oily skin problems. 

Vitamin C benefits for oily skin

  • Collagen promoter - Collagen tightens the pores hence our skin generates less oil. The one main source of collagen is vitamin C in the human body.   

  • Skin cells rejuvenating - The lipid barrier is essential for the skin to replace the damaged cells. This is where Vitamin C plays its role in enhancing lipid content on the outermost epidermis of the skin. 

  • Skin hydrating - Vitamin C helps the skin retain its moisture throughout the day.  Hydrated skin fights back the environmental harms more effectively keeping skin not looking greasy and dull due to sebum. 

  • Potent antioxidant - Antioxidants present in Vitamin C ensures protection against free radicals. Free radicals damage the skin to the core destroying collagen formation, thereby worsening oily skin concerns.

  • Anti-inflammatory - Vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory. Its topical application, therefore, strengthens skin cell resistance toward environmental allergens.

  • Reduces redness - By keeping the balance of the natural needs of the skin, Vitamin C plays a role in reducing redness and irritation arising from oil on the skin surface.

  • Controls acne - Vitamin C is one go-to ingredient the skin needs to resist the acne-causing bacteria.

  • UV rays protection - Exposure to sun rays is the last thing oily skin can bear.  In such a case, Vitamin C sunscreen is highly recommended as it shields the skin from sunburn, collagen damage, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

  • Vitamin C has proven dermatological benefits for the skin. It is one ingredient used in almost every topical treatment of oily skin. It has different derivatives which have their own skin soothing capabilities. 

    How Vitamin C Can Be Used To Treat Oily Skin?

    Cleanser: The first step in any skincare routine is to make use of a gentle sulphate-free cleanser. For people with oily skin, this step just cannot be skipped! A gentle Vitamin C-infused cleanser will help you cleanse your skin of all the excess oil and dirt that accumulates on your skin.

    A gentle toner such as the Watermelon + Vitamin C Superglow Face Wash from Dot & Key could be an excellent choice!

    Toner: The next step in your skincare routine should be to apply a toner. For people with oily skin, it can be confusing which ingredient to look for in toners. An alcohol-free toner after cleansing is an excellent choice. Such a toner will not only tighten your pores but also prevent your skin from producing excess melanin. Therefore, reducing dark spots.

    Serum: Serum, these days is winning in the race of skincare products. It is only recently that this wonder product has caught the eyes of all. Applying serum is another important step in your skincare routine. 

    A Vitamin C serum is the best treatment you can give your oily skin. It binds your skin’s pores by preventing excess oil from occurring on the skin. Worried about where to find an effective serum for oily skin?

    Dot & Key’s 20% Pure Vitamin C Face Serum (Freshly Made) with pure L ascorbic acid could be just what you are looking for!


    Moisturiser: One blunder that oily skin beauties do is, they overlook the importance of a moisturiser for their skin. When you leave your skin dry, it overproduces oil to balance the face moisture and therefore clogs the pore. An oil-free moisturiser, infused with the goodness of Vitamin C will act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce the redness and irritation which is typical for oily skin.

    Additionally, moisturiser softens your skin and also helps in maintaining the matte finish you crave for your oily skin. The Vitamin C+E Super Glow Moisturiser from Dot & Key could be your next Skincare BFF if you too are struggling with oily skin problems!

    Containing a high content of vitamin C extraction from acerola cherry, it reduces hyperpigmentation, blackheads, dullness, and dead skin cells. Be ready to get radiance and youthfulness for your oily skin. 

    Nutritional consumption: Until now we have talked about the topical use of vitamins. But it's equally crucial to understand its oral benefits.

    Vitamin C is needed in the right amount to rejuvenate the skin cells. Once we start treating the skin from within, the topical treatment is aided and brings the best to the table. 

    People having oily skin often get defeated by external environmental reasons: allergens, bacteria, UV rays and heat. Their skin starts to become blemished. This is when we feel the need for our skin cells to be healthy enough to fight back. 

    Bottom line 

    To conclude, people having oily skin can totally rely on Vitamin C. It is a one-stop solution to every struggle that your skin goes through. From hydrating your skin to fighting against acne-causing bacteria, mitigating skin inflammation, and reducing oil formation on the skin, your skin is backed by this wonder nutrient.

    We hope “Is vitamin c good for oily skin?” will no longer be a question for you. And now that you know the benefits of this wonder nutrient for your oily skin concerns, are you ready to introduce it in your daily regime?

    Confused where to start? Look no further than the Vitamin C infused products from Dot & Key. Alcohol-free, non-comedogenic & made from clean ingredients, these products will perfectly address all your oily skin concerns!

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