How to Prevent Hair Fall And Hair Damage Post Holi?

How to Prevent Hair Fall And Hair Damage Post Holi?

Holi is just around the corner and you might be wondering how to protect yourself from the aftermath. Playing with colours is a lot of fun. However, we all are aware of the havoc that toxic chemicals in colours can cause on our hair.

But does that mean you will not indulge in your favourite festival? 

Absolutely NOT! 

Wondering how to take care of hair after Holi? Just remember to keep these smart tips handy to protect your hair from breakage and damage after your holi bash.

Read along to find more intel. 

How Holi Colours Damage Our Hair?

Even after Holi, it might take weeks to clean up the mess the Holi colours left behind. 

But can you prevent it?

Yes, you can only if you follow some pre-holi hair care methods. 

While switching to organic colours is the best way to minimize damage, it is still possible that they end up damaging your hair. 

Here’s how your hair can react to holi colours

  • Excessive hair fall
  • Broken and brittle hair.
  • Can cause dandruff and flakiness
  • Weaken the roots of your hair
  • Impede hair growth

Needless to say, having to deal with these concerns can be quite stressful after a hearty holi bash. However, you can control the situation by following these easy pre holi hair care tips. 


Top Pre Holi Hair Care Tips to Follow

Cleaning up the mess left behind by holi could take days, if not weeks. But with these simple tips, you can lessen the horror and protect your hair with little effort.

  • Coat your strands with oil: The roots of your hair might be stained by Holi colours. However, you can use oil to protect hair follicles and prevent colours from getting to the roots.
  • Completely cover your hair: This is the most critical step! Cover your hair to prevent the colour from getting into your hair. Buns and tight ponytails can work well. Never let your hair loose. You can also use a scarf to protect them.



Subsequently, following a complete post-Holi hair care regime will help you to revive the health of your locks and salvage the damage left behind. 

Post Holi hair care tips

Hair fall and damaged hair are among the nastiest aftermath of holi celebrations.  In fact, they are the hardest to reverse and it often takes weeks to undo them completely. 

Regardless, if you follow these tips you can quicken the process and revive the health of your hair in no time. 

  • Comb your hair: Do you wash your hair right away after playing Holi? Rather than doing that, you should first comb through your hair. This will help remove colour particles more easily.
  • Give your hair a gentle wash: After Holi, it's crucial to wash your hair immediately. The first step is to use cold water to rinse your hair. Most of the colour will come out as a result of this method. After that, you can use a gentle anti-hairfall shampoo to remove the rest of the colour. 



  • Use hair masks: If you notice your scalp gets dry after Holi, don’t be surprised. Holi colours are filled with chemicals that can dry the scalp and cause dandruff. However, using a nourishing hair mask can take care of that problem easily. 
  • Cut your hair strands: Hair strands get coloured after Holi, which might hamper your hair's growth. To avoid this, the best you can do is get a hair trim. This will help you get rid of the damaged length of your hair and give your hair a fuller appearance. 

Try these holi hair care tips to revive and restore the health and shine of your hair after an exciting holi party. 

Protecting hair from damage is essential. This is why some may even consider skipping holi celebrations. However, that’s really not necessary. By simply following these tips and playing with organic colours you can take better care of your locks. 

Also, make sure whatever hair care products you plan on using in your pre and post holi care regime are gentle on tresses and do not feature harsh chemicals.

Here’s to a colourful and safe holi! 

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