How To Deal With Acne While Swimming

How To Deal With Acne While Swimming

Slip on your sandals and kick off your heels! As summer approaches, most of us are stocking up on swimwear and ready to hit the water. As a matter of fact, nothing can be compared to a dive into a water body on a hot day. Swimming in a pool is great. It's awesome to relax and it’s also amazing for your fitness. It’s also great to have fun with your family members and friends. What’s not so great is the skin and hair issue related to prolonged exposure to water.


If you contend with acne breakouts, or even just the occasional zit, you may be wondering how swimming can affect the acne problem. In fact, things like chlorine and other similar chemicals, and frequent submersion in the water can cause or even worsen the skin problems. However, there are many swimmers who claims that swimming helps to reduce the acne. But that’s true for occasional swimmers.


How swimming can help to reduce acne?

As an argument, it may be possible that swimming can help to treat, minimize or event prevent the acne breakouts.

  • A good amount of chlorine is suitable for skin

The reason is that chlorine acts as an antibacterial agent. These chemicals kill all the bad acne-causing bacteria on your skin while simultaneously drying out excessive oils. Besides, soaking up extra sunlight also helps to keep the skin clean and clear.

  • Sunlight also fights acne

    A good amount of sunlight offers vitamin D and other nutrients necessary to achieve a healthy skin. Sun also does its job by removing the excessive oil out of the skin to bring back glowing and fresh acne-free skin.

    • Swimming as a physical activity helps to reduce acne


    You’ll agree that swimming is one of the best physical activities for a healthy skin. During swimming, your breathing rate accelerates. The more you breathe, the more you inhale the oxygen. More oxygen in your bloodstream means faster reduction of acne-causing bacteria from the surface of the skin and a speedy healing process for current breakouts and new healthy skin cells!

    How swimming can make the acne issue worse?

    Let me tell you how the pool water affects acne! Swimming can also exacerbate acne woes. When you remain in the pool water for longer or extended periods of time, your skin becomes dry and irritated. It instigates an enhanced production of body oils. Oil is an important ingredient of pimples and more oil means you’re more prone to developing an acne.

    There is also an argument that sunscreen can enhance the issue of acne but it's not an excuse for skipping the sunscreen. Of course, you can’t leave sunscreen and allow UV rays to penetrate into your skin resulting in skin tanning, sunburn or even skin cancer. If you have a tendency of developing acne, you must buy a sunscreen labeled with ‘non-comedogenic’. Such a sunscreen gel will never clog your pores.

    How to protect your skin against acne issue?

    Besides buying non-comedogneic sunscreen let me tell you some simple ways to reduce the negative impacts of swimming in the pool water as they pertain to acne breakouts:

    1. Apply a good swim spray before and after swimming to keep your skin hydrated.
    2. Limit your swimming sessions.
    3. Wash your skin with a soft moisturizing gel after each swimming session. It will help to remove the chlorine.
    4. Never scrub your skin with a loofah or washcloth. Never rub your skin, rather tap it gently to dry with a clean towel.
    5. Time your swims so they occur shortly before you apply your regular anti-acne products and go through your daily anti-acne regimen
    6. Moisturize your skin after swim with a moisturizer for dry skin. If your skin is oily, use a moisturizer for oily skin.
    7. Discuss the issue with your dermatologist and seek medical treatment if required.

    Jigyasha Jain

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