How to care for your skin before and after Holi

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The festival of colours is just round the corner. It’s time to celebrate the most vibrant festival with all your favourite hues colours- red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, green and many more. But then, before you dive into fun, we are here to spill all the beans about caring for your skin and hair, before and after Holi. Follow these tips and have a blast while you leave your worries far behind.

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Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips

Go natural: The first step to a healthy and happy Holi is celebrating it with organic colours. Most Holi colours today are made with harmful industrial dyes, which are deadly. Traditionally, Holi colours were made from dried spring flowers, herbs and fruit peels. There are many stores today, both offline and online that store organic colours, go for those and celebrate Holi the healthy and safe way.

Cover-up: The more covered you are, the better. Opt for layers, full sleeve clothes and full pants. A physical barrier can stop harmful colours from harming your skin and give the best protection. Protect those eyes with a pair of old shades to ensure colours and dust don’t irritate the eyes.

Hydrate your skin and yourself: Before heading out to play, apply a lightweight moisturizer on your skin. The moisturiser will act as a barrier stopping colours from settling into your skin and help wash-off the colours faster post the celebrations. While you hydrate your skin, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated especially if you wish to play outdoors. 

Screen the sun: Apply a water-resistant sunscreen, especially if you and your friends celebrate Holi under the sky. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen in your bag before you start because you might want to reapply as the day goes but only if your friends spare your face. 

Nail the nail care: Apply multiple coats of transparent nail paints before the fun starts to keep your nails healthy and colour-free. 

Love those lips too: Apply a nourishing lip balm on your lips to avoid colour stained lips post the festival. 

Care for your hair: Oil your hair before you step out to play Holi, ideally use a mixture of warm coconut oil and Castor Oil. This will help your scalp and hair stay nourished and save your hair from dry colors. Additionally you can add a bandana to further protect your hair and get extra points for the style. 


Post Holi Skin Care Tips

No matter how much you prep your hair and skin before Holi, some colours will seep through and affect the overall wellbeing of your skin and hair. Follow the steps below to restore the natural health to avoid any post celebration blues.

Double Cleanse It: Incorporate the popular skincare trend of double cleansing post the celebrations. Primarily, use a cleansing balm to remove the colours from the top layers of your skin and then double it up with a mild foaming face wash and gently massage your skin for about 30 seconds before rinsing. This will help wash off the excess colours on your skin with ease.

Let’s care for the hair: Use plenty of water and wash your hair with mild soap. After the wash, make sure that you apply lemon juice to the hair and scalp. This will restore the essential acid-alkaline balance in your hair and scalp.

Mask it: Use a clay based antioxidant rich face mask to soothe your skin. This will also help with inflammation and irritations while unclogging pores.

Tone it: Follow up with a toner that is alcohol free, non-drying and hydrating. A toner will refresh your skin while improving its texture by minimising the appearance of pores.

Go with a serum: Restore your skin with a lightweight and hydrating serum that helps hydrate your skin. Serums are designed to nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin.

Moisturize it: Follow up with a gel-based moisturizer. Post Holi your skin can feel patchy and dry, that is where the moisturizer steps in. It provides your skin with necessary hydration resulting in plump, dewy and glowing skin.

Night routine: Before you hit the bed, give your skin a final touch of TLC with a sleep mask to rejuvenate your skin. It will help your skin recover its lost radiance while you sleep and pair it with a lip mask and wake up to soft and nourished lips.

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Now that your selfcare regime is in place, you can start planning and plotting all the things you want to do this Holi with your friends and family. Have a very happy, safe and vibrant holi!

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