Fight Acne With These 8 Ingredients

Fight Acne With These 8 Ingredients


If pimple was a person, it would represent that clingy classmate who followed you around every time. And you may have got rid of both of them (insert a big congratulations applause), but have you considered what helped you to reach that outcome? Well, we are not sure about annoying classmate, but we do have an idea about acne. It is obviously, the ingredients put on the so and so product you use, but let us find out how these ingredients actually help us to shoo away acne. 

Natural Ingredients

  • Tea Tree


Tea Tree

These green leaves are as acne friendly as you and your ex-boyfriend. They work overtime on your skin to eliminate all acne signs, so you can bid goodbye to skin irritation, itching, redness, and swelling and heave a sigh of relief. 

  • Clary sage oil


Clary sage oil

Did you know that stress can also lead to acne? Yes, there are many queer causes for acne breakouts but worry not; we have got the perfect stress buster for you, i.e. clary sage oil. Apart from inducing a calming relaxation to your skin, clary sage acts as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage. It has astringent properties that constricts skin cells and tightens sagging skin.

  • Avocado oil


Avocado Oil

Avocado is the multi-star of nutrients, that does more than killing calories. It prevents and treats acne breakouts and has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and skin discomfort. It is a great moisturizer for skin and promotes new skin cell regeneration.

  • Matcha tea


Matcha Tea

Nature presents a smart way of treating acne. One of the major reasons for acne formation is dead cells. Dead cells lead to clogging of pores when excess sebum (oil) is secreted.  Matcha tea, with its high chlorophyll content acts as a powerful detoxifier to remove dead cells. It’s the king of exfoliation that also improves inflamed skin and prevents premature aging. Well, hey there new all-rounder friend!

  • Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil

Acne is a pro at leaving bitter memories. It goes away but post acne blemishes and scars still haunts our everyday skin regime. Tamanu oil removes acne as well as acne scars to give you back your pre-acne clear skin. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties push acne, dark spots and wrinkles out of the picture. 

Apart from all this ingredients, there are also several home remedies that works to remove acne.

Scientific Ingredients

  • Salicylic acid


Salicylic acid

The ultimate acne enemy, salicylic acid works to defeat acne in its every game. Be it dead cells, pimples or scars, it fights with all its allies by exfoliating skin, busting pimples and blackheads and clearing out acne blemishes and scars. To know more about acids and their effects on our skin, click here.

  • Benzoyl peroxide


Benzoyl peroxide

This ingredient kills the bacteria that cause acne, helps remove excess oil from the skin and removes dead skin cells, which can clog pores. Be careful when applying benzoyl peroxide, as it can have adverse effects on dry skin and can bleach hair and clothing.

  • Sulfur



Sulfur removes dead skin cells that clog pores and helps remove excess oil. It's often combined with other ingredients, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. 

So, now you know, how this natural ingredients helps to remove acne, but where exactly will you find products enriched with them?

Look no more and try out our acne busting collection to gift yourself the satisfaction of a clear skin.

Jigyasha Jain

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