Eight Sunscreen Myths Uncovered!

Eight Sunscreen Myths Uncovered!

We all have heard it and we all have practiced it. Sunscreen is the ‘it’ thing in your beauty regime. No matter what happens, sunscreen is like your cell phone, you cannot forget it. But with all the important facts being circulated around sunscreen, it is easy to be misguided by sunscreen myths. Which BTW are just excuses to not put on sunscreen.

Myth #1 –“Indoors ≠ Sunscreen”


Just because you are not going outside, does not mean that the sun cannot reach you. It is proven that 62.8% of UVA rays get inside through the window, potentially damaging your skin. So, unless you are staying inside a closed window with tint blocks, don’t think about skipping on your dearest sunscreen.

Myth #2 – “It contains harmful chemicals”


For something so beneficial, sunscreen does have a bad reputation. Many people think that the chemicals used in sunscreen are probably more harmful than the rays of the sun itself. But, this is not entirely true as certain chemicals like oxybenzone do have disastrous effects on rats, but not on humans. So, slather on your sunscreen without worrying about safety.

Myth #3 –“Raining ≠ Sunscreen”


The clouds allow the UVA and UVB rays of the sun to penetrate through them, thus leaving our skin exposed to its harmful effects. Therefore, indoor or outdoor, clouds or no clouds, you may forget the umbrella, but you cannot afford to forget your sunscreen.

Myth #4 – “Foundation with SPF, so skipping sunscreen”


All your day creams and makeup are not enough to work as sunscreen. Sunscreen also comes with broad spectrum UV protection and physical or chemical blockers to reflect sunlight. Your makeup is not so versatile, so, do yourself a favor and after applying makeup, use sunscreen.

Myth #5 – “I have dusky skin tone”



On exposure to UV rays, our body releases a pigment that we refer to as sunburn. Just because you cannot see the damage of sunburn on dark skin, does not mean there is no damage. The sun does not discriminate; therefore even if you are a dark skin beauty, you need to buy sunscreen.

Myth #6 –  "SPF does not matter"


Of course, it does. And while most people take SPF into consideration, they do not know what it means. You cannot use the same SPF factor for both short as well as prolonged exposure the sun. It is very important to understand How SPF Works.

Myth #7 - "Hair does not need sun protection."


Yes, you read that right, hair also need protection from the harmful sun rays. UV radiation can make the hair brittle and frayed. It leads to moisture loss and hair discoloration. So, apart from the normal face sunscreen, add a hair sunscreen to your sun care beauty kit.

Myth #8 – “Using sunscreen once is enough”


Does application of lipstick only once, works for you? No, right? So is the case with sunscreen. Many people think that sunscreen will last all day after just one application. In reality, sunscreen breaks down in the light and loses its effectiveness over a short period of time. People should apply sunscreen every 2 to 4 hours, at least.

Myth #9 – “Sunscreen never expires”

Follow your product’s instruction on expiration date of sunscreen, but usually it is designed to last for three years. That of course should not matter, because if you’ve carried your sunscreen throughout the year, you are doing it wrong because you are not using it enough.

So, if you wanna glow this summer, sunscreen is the key!

Jigyasha Jain

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