Decoding Overnight Face Masks

Decoding Overnight Face Masks

Long, tiring days call for lazy nights with blissful relaxation. 

And keeping in mind the pollution and smoke around us, it is necessary to say that our skin deserves a break too. 

And what better way to unwind than masking?

You may have heard about and used masks of all kinds, but sleep masks a.k.a overnight face masks are the new beauty trends that offer more than your ordinary face masks.


What are overnight face masks?

overnight face mask

So, as the name suggests, sleep masks, also called overnight masks or leave-on masks, are left to work on the skin for the full night. It is different from the usual clay, sheet or charcoal masks in terms of texture and duration of use. While clay and charcoal masks have a thick texture, overnight masks have a luxurious gel like texture. So, you don't have to worry about ruining your white pillows when using sleeping masks.

Overnight masks are also continuously being compared to night creams. These masks do feel like you are using a serum when you apply it, but they function differently from night creams. Night creams work like night moisturizers that contains active ingredients and hydrate your skin. On the other hand, sleeping masks offer more hydration and are mild enough for the skin to tolerate it overnight. They help to seal in the facial serums, night creams and oils. Thus, it works to provide intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. 


What are the benefits of overnight face masks?


  • Acts as a barrier and sealant


 overnight face mask

Overnight masks prevent dust and dirt from closing in on your pores and lock in the goodness of natural oils as well as any cream/lotion you have applied before. Thus, it blocks dirt from the face, while locking in the already existing moisture of the face, and preventing it to escape. 


  • Provides hydration


girl with great skin

If you want an instant hydration boost, sleep masks are the best option. They are ultra-hydrating, and the fact that they work overnight, leaves no clue of doubt that you will wake up to plump skin. It locks in moisture by remaining on the skin surface rather than getting absorbed. Apart from sleep masks, there are  also other ways to keep skin hydrated


  • Aids in anti-ageing


 girl with great skin

Skin cells replicate and reproduce during the night, so an overnight mask aids in the skin’s renewal process. Hydration provided by sleep masks locks in moisture and improves collagen production, thus tightening skin to remove stretchy wrinkles and lines. 


What ingredients to look for in sleeping masks?


  • Hyaluronic acid


overnight face mask

Essential water magnet ingredient, hyaluronic acid is the first thing that comes to mind when you say hydration. Hyaluronic acid's benefits for skin has widely been acknowledged everywhere. It retains hydration to make skin look more bouncy and young, while keeping those crinkly wrinkles at bay. 


  • Relaxing fragrance


girl with great skin

A scent of cooling ingredients like chamomile, lavender, etc helps to relax and sleep.

How to use a sleep mask?


skincare routine

It is the last step of your skincare regime. After using your night serum and completing your nightly skin routine, use the overnight mask to lock everything in. The masks can be used every night, but use at least two to three times a week. 


So, after you come home all tired, don't forget to mask in the glory of hydration.

Happy Masking!

Jigyasha Jain

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