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With rising pollution the air in our cities is increasingly becoming unbreathable. This is not only affecting our lungs, throat, gut and eyes, but it has quite a few consequences for our skin as well. From air born toxins to bacteria, pollutants to cooking oils, unclean air tends to damage healthy skin and age it faster.

Keeping our windows open and having our homes well ventilated is no longer an option. The air outside might actually put one at a greater risk of diseases! In such a time, there are many benefits of using an Air Purifier at home or work.

air purifier benefits for skin and health

First let’s understand what Air Purifiers do. Air Purifiers pull in all the dirty air through a vent and pass it through a series of filters. These filters remove the harmful particles, bacteria’s, dirt and smells. Finally, the small fans at its back recirculate the purified air into the room.

Air purifiers have many health benefits, like preventing Asthma attacks, preventing Malaria and lowering risks of such grave diseases like Leukemia and Lymphoma. But the skin care benefits of having an Air Purifier are often overlooked. So here are some benefits of using an Air Purifier and why you should make it a part of your anti-pollution skin care routine.


Benefits of using an Air Purifier

 1. Reduces Redness and Skin Irritation

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Do you often wake up with an itchy or red face? Having a dirty pillowcase or sheets could be the cause of it. But it could also be because of all the pollutants and irritants in the air, which trouble your skin all night. Using an Air Purifier is the best way to soothe your skin and say goodbye to red patches.


  2. Reduces Acne Problems

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Everyone knows that touching your face often can lead to breakouts and skin inflammations, caused by the dirt on your hands. But one seldom remembers that dirty air can have the same effect on your skin. Especially, the skin on your face, which is generally more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body. Using an air purifier will remove the dust and germs from the air. So you will have less acne breakouts and can wake up with clear smooth skin everyday

 3. Reduces Rashes and Skin Diseases

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Pollen and germs in the air trigger skin rashes and diseases like Eczema, Hives and Angioedema. Dust allergies also often lead to skin rashes and inflammation. Using an air purifier benefits you here as well. Dust free clean air will also prevent rashes and other skin diseases.


4. Reduces Dryness

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Air-conditioning often dries out the air in our homes and workplaces. This not only makes it difficult to breathe, but also dries out one’s skin. An air purifier not only cleans the air, but also retains the moisture in it. So using an air purifier benefits you in this aspect too. You will not just breathe better, but your skin will also stay hydrated and smooth all day.

5. Slow Down Skin Ageing

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We all know about the damage that prolonged exposure to UV rays and sunlight can do to our skin, and take ample measures to protect ourselves from it. But not many people know that the pollutants in the air can have an equally detrimental effect on one’s skin. The toxins in the air affect the collagen production and cell maintenance of your skin. This in turn leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. Using an air-purifier will keep toxins out, and will help to slow down pre-mature skin aging.


6. Improve Sleep Quality

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A good night’s sleep is extremely important for good health and good skin. Too often we don’t sleep peacefully because of sinus irritations, breathing problems and congestion – all caused by the polluted air that we are breathing. Lack of sleep disrupts the PH balance of one’s skin. It loses moisture and becomes dry without adequate sleep. This makes our skin look dull. Lack of good sleep can also lead to redness and skin irritation for those with sensitive skin. Using an air purifier benefits your skin, as you will sleep peacefully without any irritants in the air.

The benefits of using an Air Purifier are plain and clear. But this is not the only thing that you can do as a part of your anti-pollution skin care routine.

Try this Pollution & Acne Defence Face Mask

Green clay acne defence mask

An effective anti-pollution face mask like this one by Dot & Key, will drag out the dirt and grime from your face in no time. This Pollution & Acne Defense Face Mask is packed with the triple goodness of Matcha Tea, Tamanu Oil and Neem Oil. These three magic ingredients deep cleanse and purify the skin, remove toxins and sebum from it, and leave it fresh and glowing. Made with Green Clay, it also unclogs pores, detoxifies skin and prevents unnecessary skin aging caused by pollution. So try this face mask and you are sure to side-step most of the problems that pollution wreaks on our skin everyday.


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