A Holiday Survival Guide for Your Skin & Hair

A Holiday Survival Guide for Your Skin & Hair

You must have begun your Christmas preparations! Candies, ribbons and what not! We know you are already excited about Christmas evening as all the family members gather, pray, eat, laugh and create the best memories of life. Holidays inspire you to look your best! You probably want to flaunt that holiday glow and beautiful, shiny hair. While preparations might keep you busy, why not take some time off to look after your skin and hair? Don’t get hassled over on how to get healthy skin and hair! These tips will help you conquer seasonal woes and come out as a glamorous diva:


The first thing people notice about you is your skin. It gets exposed to many environmental factors like dust, heat, dirt, and pollution. As a result, your skin starts looking dull and dehydrated. In addition to this, aging is also a factor that starts showing signs like wrinkles, laugh lines and dark spots. Worried about how to get healthy skin? Follow these tips to get that irresistible holiday glam back:

Get sun-protected skin 

Sunscreen Tube In A Sunny Beach

You might be busy cleaning every corner of your house. Dusting off the couch, wiping off tabletops and cleaning that glass cutlery! Your house will look spick and span during Christmas but your face will bear the brunt of it. Even if you are indoors, make sure that you slather a good amount of sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The sunscreen cream should be an SPF 30 or more. We advise you to apply sunscreen after 3-4 hours.

Exfoliate once a week 

Woman Holding Exfoliator Dot and Key Has The Best Exfoliator

Christmas is a special time of the year that keeps you on your toes. Make this occasion more special by following your skin with a good skincare regime. Exfoliating your face with a good scrub is important. Dust particles, grime, and dirt get trapped in your pores. If you don’t exfoliate, they can cause breakouts. Exfoliation is one of the healthy skin tips that you should follow regularly.

Keep your skin moisturized

Loving Skin moisturization Dot And Key has the Best Skin Moisturizer

You might splurge on many things during this holiday season. After all, the more the merrier! Why not invest in a light-weight moisturizer? Along with daycare, your night skincare routine is also very important. Before going to bed, apply lots of moisturizer. The moisturizer not only will keep your skin hydrated but it will also help you prevent signs of premature aging. Healthy living also means following a skincare regime religiously!

Follow a healthy diet 

Healthy Diet is Healthy Skin and Hair Dot and Key has the Best Skincare Products

Following these healthy skin tips won’t produce desired results until you have a healthy diet in place. This holiday season; resolve to feed your skin with healthy food as the last week of December you will binge on Christmas desserts. Include soups and juices made of green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits in your diet. These will improve your digestion system and will feed your skin with essential nutrients and vitamins.

If any of your friends wondering about how to get healthy skin, you are free to share these tips. Because sharing is caring!


Whether you are stepping out to attend Christmas prayers or parties, it is equally important to look after your hair. Constant exposure to heat, dust and UV rays can damage the quality of your hair. Lack-luster, dull locks might ruin your festive mood too. Make sure to follow these tips along with a healthy diet to get beautiful, shiny hair:

Protect your hair with a sunscreen 

The unpredictable change in weather conditions, as well as sun exposure, can dry out your hair, making it look dull, dehydrated and damaged. Along with maintaining a healthy diet, make sure you also protect your hair from environmental damage. Apply Dot & Key Sunscreen + Softening Hair Serum every day to protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Enriched with essential oils, tropical mandarin, and green tea, the serum makes your hair softer, lighter and shinier. Don’t wait for Santa Claus to surprise you; protecting your hair is your responsibility!

Trim those tresses 

Hair Trimming

This the season to look glamorously chic and pretty! If you’ve got split ends or your tresses have grown like a wild plant, trim your hair. Regular trimming not only eliminates split ends but it also promotes healthy hair growth. If you don’t want to go for a new haircut, opt for trimming! This is another way to get rid of those annoying flyaways and static frizzy tresses.

Stock natural hair care products 

This time of the year, the weather condition changes drastically. You can suddenly have snowfall or pleasant drizzling. The temperature can be fluctuating. To deal with these seasonal changes, you must stock natural hair care products. The shampoo you were using in summer won’t work for you in winter. Along with your Christmas shopping list, keep your hair care list ready too. Stock your beauty shelf with an intense hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Just before Christmas Eve, pay a visit to a salon for a deep conditioning hair spa.

Even during the winters, you will have beautiful-looking, shiny and silky locks!

Chlorine protection for your hair 

Christmas is all about enjoying your holidays, spending maximum time on things you love and attend parties and gatherings. If you are one of those who like to take a dip in the water, then you’re probably going to damage your mane with chlorinated water. The salty water of the sea and chlorine present in swimming pools can damage your tresses. We recommend using Dot & Key Post Swim Hair Dechlorinating Spray after the swimming session. The spray contains vitamin C and antioxidant-rich complexes that can minimize damage to your mane. Having a proper hair care regime is also a part of healthy living.

This holiday season, treat these tips as the Santa’s workshop and follow them religiously to get a glowing complexion and healthier hair!

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