6 Harmful Effects Of Pollution On Your Hair

6 Harmful Effects Of Pollution On Your Hair

Bad hair day? Unruly baby locks? Not-so-sexy messy bun?

Well, of all the vexing reasons that can ruin our good hair day, pollution is an addendum to that list.

It is true that pollution has become an inevitable poison choking our life, its increasing consequences on our body and mind is shocking. The effects of pollution on hair and scalp is not only exasperating but also detrimental to our hair health.

The effects of pollution:

  • Moisture loss


Long periods of exposure can draw out the moisture from our hair. As a result, the dehydrated hair becomes frizzy and brittle. The Particulate matter and dust particles in the air can also cause serious damage to the hair fiber. It can make the hair fiber dry and rough, thus paving way to thinner hair with lost texture and shine.

  • Split ends


Air pollution can also weaken the hair strand and cause them to split. These split ends may further go up and eventually lead to the scalp.

Here are the home remedies for split ends.

  • Dandruff

Pollution makes the scalp dry, flaky and dandruff prone.

  • Hair fall

Scalp on being susceptible to pollution becomes sensitive, dry or oily. The secretion of excess sebum from the scalp due to pollution can lead to greasy roots which clog pores and block the hair follicles. Thus, it weakens the hair root which leads to increased hair fall.

  • Itchiness

Air pollution can also infect the scalp with diseases that causes redness and itchiness.

  • Ageing hair

The particulate matter in the air is forty times smaller than the hair fiber, thus it infiltrates the hair surface and sweeps into the hair follicles. There it creates free radicals and oxidative stress that leads to ageing hair.

6 easy solutions to fight the effects of pollution:

  • Keep your shield on


Wake up the fashionista in you and bring back those hats, caps, and scarves. It is time to cover up and protect your hair from pollution.

  • Shampoo properly


First things first, it is important to wash your hair properly, preferably twice a week. Use shampoo and conditioner that have hyaluronic acid and collagen. These help to boost the moisture level of the skin and improve elasticity to counteract brittleness. You can also use hair masks that moisturize the hair and prevents pollution from drying it.

  • Pick your serum carefully

Start a deep conditioning routine that will not only nullify the damage done to the hair because of pollution, but it will also hydrate your hair. Dot and Key's hair sunscreen and softening serum protects your hair from the sun as well as pollution while repairing and nourishing your hair

  • Cut down on styling gels and sprays

Some products like hair spray and hair styling cream contain nasty chemicals that make it easier for dust and grime to stick on your hair. Instead of applying such products, use easy-absorbed and lightweight serums that protects the skin against heat and pollution damage.

  • Reduce the use of heat styling tools 

It is also advisable to not let your hair suffer from heat treatment constantly. So, try to stop using those straighteners or curlers, instead go for a braid or a bun. Even if you are styling your hair daily, use heat protection products that help to curb the damage.

  • Re look at your hair brush and comb

While combing your hair, use a wide-toothed brush as they remove the tangles more proficiently and effortlessly. Try to comb from the bottom and then work your way up.

Taking down pollution might be an impossible dream in today's world, but we need to learn the ways to adapt it in our daily lives without harming ourselves. Taking care of your hair is one step towards that process. So, start investing in it now.

Jigyasha Jain

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