5 Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea: Make Your Skin Glow

matcha skin benefits

In the past few years people have discovered matcha skin benefits, which has credited its inclusion in the list of what is now called “super foods”. While making Matcha part of your daily routine has many health benefits, it has also taken the beauty community by storm.

As a result, its heavenly depiction in pop culture holds true when it comes to what it does to your skin. And yet, the benefits of drinking Matcha tea are not limited merely to getting glowing, supple and healthy skin.

All About the Anti-oxidants


matcha skin benefits- Green Tea Matcha

When it comes to skin care, consumption of foods rich in anti-oxidants tops the list. Anti-oxidants prevent the process of oxidation in our body and hence slow down ageing.

Here’s something that could easily blow your mind: Matcha contains 10 times more anti-oxidants than a regular cup of green tea! At the same time, it might just be just the right drink to replace your morning coffee. It contains 3 times more caffeine than regular green tea.

And would be a great option for getting that necessary morning boost. However, unlike other caffeinated drinks, Matcha comes with a balance of L-theanine. This is an amino acid, which allows a steady increase in energy, without making you jittery.

Matcha tea is also a go-to option for anti-ageing. This is because it stimulates elastin production in your skin, thereby preventing it from sagging.

Matcha tea making

Look Good, Before and After!

Apart from being great for the skin, Matcha tea is also an experience in itself. Matcha is grown in shade from the leaves of Camellie sinesis plant. Once the young leaves are ground and powdered, it is stored away from the sun in cool places. This is what gives the tea its beautiful green color. The special process ensures richer concentration of chlorophyll. This not just makes it a better detoxifying drink, but also protects the skin from sun damage, photo-aging, and development of sun spots.


Matcha for Acne


Japanese matcha tea leaves benefits

The usage of Matcha for acne is probably how Matcha tea has become this central to the beauty industry. This is because Matcha contains EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate).

This is known for imparting anti-bacterial and even anti- biotic properties to the tea. It gives you that smooth textured skin and its ability to rejuvenate acne-effected skin cells adds to its support for skin structure.

At the same time, it can reduce mild redness and irritation of skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Matcha, the Life Saver!


matcha tea skin benefits

While one might think we have exhausted the skin benefits of Matcha, there is more! Not only does it help in reducing skin inflammation and puffiness of skin, the EGEC present in Matcha helps prevent chronic skin conditions like rosacea. That’s not it- it can also help prevent some skin cancers.

Drinking Matcha tea can also help even out your skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation. There’s more to this super special green tea for face than just skin benefits!

You can use our Detan Mask + Glow Green Tea Clay Face Mask infused with kaolin and green tea for skin polishing & sun tan removal for naturally radiant glowing skin.


Goodbye Oily Skin, Hello Matcha


Matcha tea on skin

Getting rid of oily skin is also central to the benefits of Matcha green tea for the face. It happens to be rich in vitamin K. Known to improve your blood circulation and help with dark circles. Matcha can also help control production of oil that can cause acne.

The tannins present in Matcha reduces the pores on your skin and removes excess oil. It's also a great detoxifying drink because of higher concentration of chlorophyll, and hence provides that protection from pollutants and toxins. And, as a rule of thumb, you must detox your body to be able to have clear, oil-free skin!


Matcha Tea Powder - Ideal for Home Remedies

Matcha tea powder making

Matcha powder can be used to exfoliate your skin gently without causing damage. It helps remove the dead cells from your skin and leaves it soft and rejuvenated.

In winters it can be used to treat dry skin, by mixing it up with some coconut oil and massaging it on your skin.  Matcha power in combination with some lemongrass oil can be used to treat acne.

If home remedy options sound too taxing, you no longer have anything to worry about- Detan + Glow Green Tea Clay Face Mask has you sorted! With the completely natural power of Matcha Tea, our clarifying serum brings its unfiltered goodness directly to your skin. It’s no longer just about Matcha for acne, but an overall healthy and gorgeous glowing skin.

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